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(Suggestion) Kha’Zix still doesn’t have a legendary skin despite having a good template with his evolving abilities?

LeagueofLegends5 - (Suggestion) Kha'Zix still doesn't have a legendary skin despite having a good template with his evolving abilities?

Is it just me? I see all those legendary skins for other champions, even comparing to older ones, but I feel like something is missing. I know that certain champions get chosen simply because of their popularity or how well it fits a certain skinline theme.

But paying attention to the latter of what I just said, wouldn't Kha'Zix be a good opportunity? I think his kit with his evolving abilities might be perfect to built upon as a legendary skin, maybe even an ultimate skin if you think about Spirit Guard Udyr, yet nothing really happened in that regard.

I don't mean to say that I really want a new skin for Kha'Zix, this should just give an idea that it is possible. With the exception of two skins I am a player who mostly spends on loot (lately rather passes that result in more loot), but you may also see it as a question for why it hasn't happened yet.

I just think that he could be a good choice to do so, even though there is no theme yet. Well, technically there was Mecha, I think it could have been enhanced a bit more, but there is already a legendary in that skinline and I also think the epic skin for Kha'Zix is fine as it is.

But maybe, looking at the PROJECT: Warwick skin, Kha'Zix could fit into the PROJECT skinline with a mechanical theme, too (a bit more futuristic and more like a predator like how Warwick looks like). Or it could also fit well with Praetorian, like Fiddlesticks (well, Warwick would have fit here as well, I think).


Or who knows, maybe they do plan to do something with Kha'Zix together with Rengar, but haven't found a skinline where both fit as good, also because they would have to be in two opposing factions, I believe, to make the most out of it, like a versus-style event. But the attention for those events have been elsewhere so far, and Rengar did already get a skin in such an event (well, as long as it is a different theme I think it would be fine).

Edit: I believe both would actually fit pretty well into the Battlecast skinline, Kha'Zix being a Battlecast and Rengar being from the Resistance. And since I am already editing this, someone mentioned below Arcade / Battle Boss and Odyssey, which would fit well, too. Edit

While this post doesn't give any details about a skin itself, I believe the skinline aka theme is the important groundwork, and I don't think I am able to really express what I imagine could be possible.

Maybe some of you could give ideas about what themes Kha'Zix could fit in, but not essentially as a legendary or ultimate skin (I don't mention mythic since it lately is rather an edge case, mostly consisting of hextech and prestige skins, with the exceptions of Dark Star Cho'Gath and Dawnbringer Karma).

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