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Suggestion: Tumblr Vayne skin

LeagueofLegends13 - Suggestion: Tumblr Vayne skin

It would be a really meaningful homage…

Outfit: blue and white jumpsuit. Instead of an arm-crossbow, Vayne uses a phone. For her ultimate, Vayne trades her phone for a keyboard. She has several dangling keychains which can include a Steven Univese badge, a cutout of the prettier brother from Supernatural and a Sans head.

Recall: Vayne wiggles her hips suggestively and sits down to "browse" Tumblr – a computer screen pops up as she holds the keyboard in her lap. The screen displays a red X. This makes her confused, then flustered, then angry. At the very end of the recall, Vayne kicks the screen and jumps back to base.

Q: Vayne's tumble now leaves the infamous site's logo on the ground. It slowly pixelates over time, representing censorship, then disappears, representing consequences.

W: Vayne shoots flame messages at her enemies, putting one, two, then three fiery notifications on them. At three, the flame explodes and causes true damage to that enemy's day.


E: Vayne fires a giant flag that "condemns" any and all content as explicit, attempting to pin it down and freeze it.

R: Vayne tugs free her keyboard and starts spamming. Her blue jumpsuit turns red and whenever she tumbles, she "unfollows" and "follows" the enemy team.

Taunt (general): "I just can't even with you right now."

Joke (general): (some random selection of jokes that appeared on reddit six months ago)

Joke (Teemo): "No! How?! But there was you, and the bike pump, and the… I saw it all…"

Joke (Neeko): "Good luck."


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