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[Summary] CvMax Reacts to Riot Korea’s Report

LeagueofLegends2 - [Summary] CvMax Reacts to Riot Korea's Report

Recently, Riot Korea uploaded their findings on the "Griffin Incident", as can be seen here.

CvMax heard of this, and decided to stream his reaction to the post. He streamed for around 2 hours, but didn't have much to say of note. Kanavi was sitting next to CvMax and commented about some stuff but remained out of sight.

The full stream can be seen here, and a brief summary of the stream is below.

  1. CvMax was disappointed that Riot Korea was unsure about whether threats/extortion occurred during Kanavi's transfer proceedings, when Cho had testified so many things that implied he was threatening him. CvMax thinks that the circumstantial evidence alone would be sufficient to prove that Kanavi was threatened.
  2. CvMax didn't understand why Riot Korea's initial report was full of testimonies from Cho only, and excluded Kanavi's viewpoint on things.
  3. According to CvMax Cho kept on lying during his testimony, and when he was caught out he immediately backpedaled and rephrased things to continue to seem as the injured party. For example, during Cho's 2nd counseling session with Kanavi, Cho claimed that he had never said the words "3-year" or "5-year" contract, but Riot Korea disproved this.
  4. Another example was Cho's testimony that on the 21st, Kanavi asked him whether he could come back after playing in JDG, and when Cho replied with "Can you return?" Kanavi said no. However, the truth is that this conversation had occurred on the 29th – after the transfer was largely agreed on, and the actual conversation was Kanavi asking if he could change his contract from a transfer back to a loan. Upon hearing this, Cho scoffed and replied "Can you return?". Cho tried to change the dates so he could argue that Kanavi wanted to stay in JDG, but he was caught out on this.
  5. As soon as the players arrived in Korea, Cho made them take another survey, this one asking if CvMax had ever physically abused the players in any way. CvMax had heard this from an anonymous informant. He then said that he would contact the players and ask them to stream with him, to clear up any controversy.
  6. Just before ending his stream, CvMax said he is going out to eat roast beef with Viper, Lehends, and Rather (Griffin mid laner on loan to Flash Wolves). Apparently Chovy was also with them during the evening – (Rather's Instagram Story had them singing at karaoke), but he went home to sleep.

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