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Summary of cvMax’s stream in response to Viper’s interview

LeagueofLegends10 - Summary of cvMax's stream in response to Viper's interview

cvMax started the day off cheering for his beloved team. He wore his Griffin Jersey, had his sunglasses on, and even brought his drafting notepad and pretended to be live at the scene talking to his players.

He was in a good mood until he came across Viper's post-game interview with FOMOS in which he had a word to say about cvMax:

…former head coach cvMax is saying a lot of things on his stream that are irrelevant to the truth. As I want to concentrate on the game, I wish he would stop talking about the players. I speak for everyone on the team when I say this.

After reading Viper's interview, cvMax begins, "I guess I have to reveal everything. I didn't tell the whole story before because frankly, I was embarrassed. There were parts that I wanted to remain private…"

And that's how the story begins. The stream goes on for 2 hours, which is way too much work to transcript, but here are the main points:

Disputes with Griffin's Representative Cho leading up to Worlds.

(most of this is in the front-page post)

  • One week before the summer finals, Cho tells cvMax "Be prepared to leave the team after the finals." Cho backpedaled as cvMax started getting angry and just told him to prepare for the finals and prove himself worthy. cvMax's mental is already boom at this point.

  • After the finals, Cho tells him, "you're out. I have no intention of taking it back this time. For Griffin to win, you need to be gone." When cvMax asked him on what basis, he replied, "Griffin's standards are high, the unsatisfactory results should be enough reason. Griffin was always going to succeed, you were just lucky. We would have won with any other coach."

  • When cvMax asked Cho if there was any way to change his mind, Cho replied that there wasn't. cvMax was fed up and just accepted it. But when he left and started packing, Cho called him back in and said "stay until Worlds. There's no particular reason, I just changed my mind. I know you're 100% going to be my downfall, and I'm regretting even saying this, but just stay until Worlds. Just remember, Griffin is not your team, and even if we win, it won't be because of you." When cvMax responded that he'd rather not at this point, Cho turned on his recorder and said "I want you to stay with us for Worlds".

  • cvMax wanted to be fired and be done with, but Cho wanted him to quit "on his own". "Just fire me and be done with it" vs. "if that is really your will, then you can choose to quit" They would play this game for an hour.

  • After their vacation, Cho apologized. "After a few days of thinking, I take back everything I said, I hope you will stay with the team. I was emotional, let's go to Worlds." Reluctantly, cvMax took up on his offer, as he spent the last 3 years of his life trying to get this 7th place Challenger team to Worlds.

  • Cho surveyed the Griffin players to find out whether or not cvMax was necessary for the team and according to Cho, they said he wasn't. This was the reason cvMax didn't want to come out with the whole story; he was embarrassed. At first, he didn't believe it, but Cho gave cvMax an ultimatum: if all the players agree that the team doesn't need cvMax anymore, he would leave on his own. cvMax was confident in his players so he accepted the ultimatum, but when cvMax and Cho confronted the players to confirm, nobody spoke up.

Other disputes with Cho

  • cvMax is cold and business-like when scheduling scrims. E.g. "Are you available on XX/XX?", "Confirmed." Cho criticized cvMax for this behaviour and told him that this is why nobody wants to scrim with Griffin and says all the other managers and directors talk bad about cvMax behind his back, so he has to stand up for him. cvMax doesn't believe it because Griffin never had trouble finding scrims. He thinks Cho is the one talking bad about cvMax to everybody else.

  • A big dispute occurred when Cho felt that cvMax was acting like he was the driving force in making Griffin the #1 team in Challengers Korea in an OP.GG interview. Cho told cvMax to stop acting like he made Griffin. This is a recurring theme.

  • Cho disallowed cvMax from streaming while he was with Griffin. cvMax thinks this was to prevent him from getting too powerful in the organization.

  • Cho doesn't even know all the champions in the game yet he would often question cvMax's draft. cvMax accuses Cho of parroting the online community, which he reads religiously, but Cho denies it. Cho would sometimes say, "I'm not saying this because I read this anywhere, but are you sure about that draft?"

  • Cho once asked Griffin players to throw a solo queue game on purpose to get Tarzan to rank 1. cvMax strongly opposed and explained that everyone would know because people watch the replays. Cho told cvMax that he was overreacting, but they ended up not throwing the game anyway. Tarzan ended up finishing the season rank 2 and Deft won with 4 Griffin players on his team and ended the season rank 1.

  • Cho would sometimes interfere with feedback after matches, questioning cvMax's judgement. For example, he would say that it wasn't the time for in-game feedback because their mental is gone, he should instead tell the players to not be afraid.

  • Cho takes credit for Griffin's success as he believes he created the out-of-game environment for them to succeed.

  • Chovy texted cvMax that he would get in trouble with Cho if he was caught messaging him.

His relationship with Sword.

  • Sword was very close with Cho. He is a sociable person in general and great at networking. cvMax often criticized Sword for this attitude, emphasizing that he needed to be angry and filled with rage after defeat, not smiling for the cameras.

  • cvMax had arguments with Cho about using Doran over Sword in scrims and on stage. cvMax belived that Doran had more potential, so they needed to use Doran even if it brought worse results in the short term, in order to train him. Sword was much better than Doran at the time, but if Griffin were going to win Worlds, they needed Doran.

  • Sword was displeased with the situation and often went to Cho with these concerns, which cvMax later found out from Sword. cvMax was unaware that Sword was holding a grudge and wishes that Sword would have talked to him directly.

  • He let the Griffin players know he got fired one by one via phone call. Lehends, Viper, Chovy, and then Sword. Lehends and Chovy were very supportive, but when he gave Sword the news, he said "are you sure you weren't in the wrong? I'm sure Cho had his reasons." cvMax decided not to call Tarzan or Doran. He has recordings of all of these conversations as it became a habit after what happened in summer.

  • On cvMax's last day with the team, Sword told him "you're not behaving like an adult. You should grow up."

Coach Chaos

  • When Chaos joined, cvMax told him he didn't need to know anything about the game. His job was to manage excel spreadsheets of scrim data and pull up the specifics when requested. He was a basically lab assistant. However, Chaos also ended up in a position where he was agreeing that the team wouldn't be affected by cvMax's departure.

Why cvMax doesn't coach trainees anymore.

  • In-house scrims are really valuable, so Griffin had a try-out in which 30 players participated. cvMax picked out Kanavi (JDG) who was only 400LP on the ladder at the time. He also picked up Plex (LNG) outside of the try-outs to complete Griffin's 10 man roster. cvMax loves players who have good mechanics but no game knowledge, so he started teaching them very strictly.

  • One day, Griffin started negotiating the sale of these players, and cvMax didn't even oppose it that strongly, but he and Cho ended up in a conversation where Cho was telling him that he had nothing to do with the growth of Plex and Kanavi, and that they became great players thanks to Cho creating such a wonderful practice environment. As a result, cvMax said he would not train Griffin's subs any longer. Cho said that would be fine. Since then, cvMax stopped interacting with any of Griffin's subs or trainees.

His goal joining Griffin and plans for the future.

  • When cvMax first joined Griffin, he didn't ask for much. He said he would be satisfied with a salary of 10 cents/mo until he wins Worlds. After he wins Worlds, he would take as much as the highest paid player on the team. His salary ended up being ~$1500/mo initially (less than minimum wage), later raised to ~$4000/mo once Griffin got promoted into the LCK.

  • Originally, cvMax's goal going foward was to join a 3rd tier league team (1st – LCK, 2nd – Challengers, 3rd – Amateur) and take them to Worlds. He no longer wants to be held back by suits at the top, so his offer was simple: "I want to be the top dog coming in, and I don't care about salary. I just want 50% of the team when we win Worlds." He was already in contact with teams, and was preparing for the upcoming promotion tournament on November 12th when he–. He got a lot more offers than expected, so he felt incredibly grateful. "I wonder how I got so many offers when according to Cho, the entire scene hates me?"

Viper's interview: https://sports.news.naver.com/esports/news/read.nhn?oid=005&aid=0001249038

Sword's interview was a lot harsher, but cvMax only read Viper's: https://sports.news.naver.com/esports/news/read.nhn?oid=236&aid=0000195968

I think cvMax is spreading lies. We like him as a person, so we watch his streams occasionally, but he says a lot of things that bother us. If he was truly the head coach that loved and cared about us, I don't think he would be engaging in this sort of behavior. We let it slide because it's cvMax, but it is really putting us in an awkward position. So I hope, for the sake of our team and the players, he should distance himself from our team. I woul–the team and I would appreciate it.

The VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/494520660

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