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Summary of Dopa’s talk/prediction of Worlds 2020 (Translated)

LeagueofLegends6 - Summary of Dopa's talk/prediction of Worlds 2020 (Translated)

Just wanted to give light to another perspective of this years Worlds. Let me know if I missed anything, or if a translation of this video is already posted (I couldn't find one).


Playoffs: For Korea, the playoffs can't get much better than this. This is the second best outcome, the only better option being G2 switched with FNC.

G2: They are very different than Korean teams due to the difference between soloq on their server. Since 2 years ago, while everyone thought dragon was priority, G2 would trade dragon for tower, I thinks this decision making comes from EU soloq and their fast-paced gameplay, very different from KR playstyle.

Prediction had he not watched quarters: TES would decisively win vs. FNC, and JDG would win against SN. And if this happened, then JDG has a chance to beat TES (around 35%). Therefore, TES would have a harder path to finals. DWG would decisively win their bracket against anyone (around 85%).

GEN vs. G2: I did think G2 would win. This is because Gen.G is just focused on Ruler. Ruler is very good, but ADC just isn't as important and therefore he has a limit, and will die a lot because of team diff. Didn't know that G2 would 3:0 them, though.

TES vs. SN: TES will still win against Suning (around 77%).

DWG vs. G2: Before I thought DWG would win the whole bottom bracket easily. But because G2 won so hard against Gen.G, now I doesn't think DWG would win as easily. However DWG is just a different team and they will probably still win (about 71% chance).


DWG vs. TES Final: Quarterfinals doesn't really matter, but for finals, there are two teams that are clearly going to win (TES, DWG). I think DWG has the upper hand, after seeing TES vs. FNC. But until the playoffs, it was kinda the opposite.

But I usually don't get the predictions correct for worlds… especially for groups.

Draft: Draft is difference in concept. If the concept between the team is different, both teams would think they won in draft. I strongly believe that in-game performance is a lot more important, and that a single trade in lane can overcome a entire draft. No matter how much you research/experiment in this game, you will realize that a single trade is all that matters.

Skins: But if Gen.G wins we get the prettiest skins, just like SSG. And from what I see this year's skin will include TF. I think G2 skins would be pretty too because they have white. TES skins are ugly because they have red. Maybe Suning's orange is pretty too.

Scrims: Chat: People said that Suning destroyed Damwon in scrims.

Dopa: Oh, so then Damwon wins. After hearing people say that a team is destroying in scrims, I've never seen them actually win. Scrim is same as soloq. No one cares, they just play what they want.

They play stuff like top Jayce. But come to Semis/Finals, can you pilot it properly? The champs that decide the game from one death? You're scared. You think someone who played Jayce 8/10 games in scrims can play it in Semis/Finals? Even if they did, they 100% can't play like they did in scrims. They just can't.

Chat: I guess that is true, since TSM was also apparently winning in scrims.

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