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Supports have only 2.5 open item slots. I believe enchantments for Wardstone could be a healthy way to add more versatility into supports builds

LeagueofLegends10 - Supports have only 2.5 open item slots. I believe enchantments for Wardstone could be a healthy way to add more versatility into supports builds

TL;DR: supports as opposed to other roles have two item slots locked with (almost) no options in these slots. So they only ever can build two legendary items throughout the game, it severely limits their build diversity and general excitement. I think adding variable enchantments for the Watchhful Wardstone could remedy that without causing too much side effects.

Long version:

I played some support this preseason and I felt really sad because while there is a ton of items you may want to build depending on the game you just don't have slots for it.

1. First slot is obviously support item, which is great but doesn't offer much flexibility, you just choose between tanky or damaging version for your damage type (and also consider which one is more stackable for you, most champions don't have a choice at all here).

2. Second slot now is a mythic. And while mythics are cool some supports don't have a choice once again. Two of the support items while having great active give only tank stats, so Enchanters who really want AP or heal/shield power feel rather bad about building them. Not they they can not if they really want the active, but it is sad to get one of them while other classes get stats tailored for them. And of the two Enchanter mythics, i.e. Sona can't even proc Imperial Mandate reliably enough so she has no choice at all. Mages' items are tailored towards damage and are also VERY expensive, so Enchanters can't really poach them. Tank and Mage supports can poach some non-support mythics if they are doing well enough, though, so they have some real diversity in this slot.

3. Third slot is for boots, as for all the others roles.

4. Last slot is for pinks/Watchful Wardstone. Don't get me wrong, having some stats for pink slot is great and ward caps is just amazing, but always having the same stat and effect is still very boring and unexciting.


It leaves us with only two item slots with real choices. Chances are one of them is Grievous Wound item, but it's still your choice so it doesn't feel so bad. But creating a real build with only 2 to 3 (depending if you have a choice for your mythic) item slots is tough and simply not fun enough. Riot stated that their goal for the new season was build diversity, but having a slot taken away for a mythic with very little choice involved is the opposite of that idea. There are so many items and combination, but you basically can only build one core and (if you are lucky) one situational item. There just isn't enough space to experiment and fully engage with the new system. I'm not implying that supports are weak, they feel just fine to me, its just the fact that their builds are very constricting that dampens the fun and excitement.

That affects Enchanters most of all, since their Mythic options are the most limited, but still other supports feel it as well.

Where I am going with this – it would feel very nice if riot implemented get an enchantment system for the Watchful Wardstone. (Instead of the linear building into Vigilant Wardstone) Similar to old Jungle items or the very old boots enchantments. So that supports can at the very least get some stats they want outside of AH. May be make enchantments only purchasable if you have a full support item if you want to avoid Wardstone poaching (though it already has a level of protection with 20 stealth wards requirement).

Did you play supports (especially enchanters) this preseason? How did you feel about their build options?

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