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[T1] Teddy: It would be a lie to say there is no stress

LeagueofLegends13 - [T1] Teddy: It would be a lie to say there is no stress

Q. This season, T1 is getting a lot of attention for it’s roster change. What is your opinion on this?

A. I have experienced a large-scale roster in 2019 , too. At that time, even when we were on a 5 lose-streak, there was almost no change to the roster. But this season, as there are constant changes in the roster, it is hard to build a synergy for everyone. If the same players are continuously fielded despite a loss, some points would be developed/bettered, but at the moment such development is difficult.

Q. How are the other players reacting to the present system?

A. It would be a lie to say there is no stress. Though we are not telling each other, but I think we are all getting stressed.

Q. How much the players trust in the coaching staff do you think has stacked up?

A. Not taking the rosters into mind, there were many games, where the players who started did badly. I think that the players should not have displeasure regarding the roster. I just wish we can all do our best to win in the matches.

Q. Please tell us the goal for the rest of the regular season.

A. I don’t know how the roster will change again in the future, but all the players are doing their best. We all wish to get a hold of our mentality and concentrate well to show good performance to our fans.

Q. Last word you want to tell?

A. I think that it could have been hard to lately watch our matches. I am thankful that you are supporting us despite that. I will do my best in the future, too.



“Though it was a win today, because of the unstable performance, T1 is being questioned lately. Especially, the fact that there is no fixed roster has become a point of criticism. What did Ryu Minseok , who was the only one to appear in the past matches, thought about this situation. Ryu Minseok said: “Till that match I had a burden to match my play-style to each of the different players on the team, but now I think that keeping my form is the most important thing to do”.


Daeny’s interview was posted, I didn’t watch it but from the posts I saw talking about some of the points, it seems Daeny said

  • That Faker asked for time off, and he is waiting for him

  • He is basically not going to use Cuzz

  • Clozer is fixed at least till Summer

  • Daeny wants to try the rookies till summer (so probably more rotations incoming), fix the rotation by summer

  • For the Brion match, he believed the players and didn’t draft the way he wanted

  • There is a player who didn’t do as the way he asked them to play

  • Today’s Game 2 against KT is the game that matches his vision/concept the best

  • He thinks that players are dealing fine with the rotations, he even said that the players seem to be having fun together (Did this dude even read or watch any of the interviews given by his players? What no burden, what fun? Wth?)

So Daeny wants to try the rookies, but he didn’t take T1 to Kespa Cup? I don’t understand why he would waste Kespa Cup if he really wanted to experiment? Just seems like he was sure about his rookie roster, but then when the season started he saw the problems and had no choice but to use the veterans. If that is not the case, I can’t explain why he would not go to Kespa Cup. Like, why?

Also, either Daeny is very bad at reading the atmosphere, or he is straight up lying that his players are fine with the rotations. Either is a sign of a bad coach, unfortunately.

And regarding Faker wanting time, it seems he didn’t really specify why or when Faker asked for time? Something about meta and preparing champions but this meta seems to like champions that Faker uses well? Well, who knows what the heck is going on. T1 players have live streams tomorrow, so people will probably ask Faker what is the deal with taking time off. (Maybe he is taking a time off to learn Chinese, lol)

And lastly, poor Cuzz. Hope he is leaving after Spring. This 3-jungle situation was f*cked up anyway.

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