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Taliyah Update suggestions from Taliyah Mains

LeagueofLegends13 - Taliyah Update suggestions from Taliyah Mains

Dear League of Legends players,

In an effort to get a global and common vision of what they want to ask Riot Games with #JusticeForTaliyah, the Taliyah mains have organized a thread that aimed to share everyone's suggestions on what should be changed, improved, or removed about Taliyah and how it should be.

This way, we managed to get several Taliyah update suggestions to directly share with Riot and thus give them a solid thing to work with.

First of all, we highlighted a list of Taliyah's current weaknesses to focus our suggestions on them. Keep in mind that we don't ask for something to be done for every single one of them. Keeping some weaknesses is healthy for a champion's gameplay and we know we'll have to make choices. Also, we aren't afraid to see some current elements get nerfed or removed so that Taliyah can see improvement or implementations of others.

Without any more words, I humbly share with you all the work that has been done in hope that it can raise discussions and general interest in the current state of this champion.


– The waveclear is much weaker than most other midlaners and costs significantly more mana.

– The general mana cost with 2 non-ultimate spells at 110 mana cost and the last one at 90.

– Her current gameplay seems really unoptimized and will most likely make any miscalculations very painful and punitive compared to most other champions. (The fact that pretty much all depends on WEQ Burst and how often it forces you to all-in in the hopes of getting enough damage. She's also a fairly straightforward, one combo, and easy to read champion for anyone who knows it.)

We split our discussions into two categories: The gameplay changes, which are suggestions that modify her current gameplay by using minor tweaks or adding minor effects without changing her kit much, and the implementations which are true changes to her kit. Both of these categories have been divided into three gameplay types: Battlemage, Burst Mage and Either (that can work either for a Battle Mage or a Burst Mage oriented update).


Battle Mage Suggestions:

Suggestions from Kataliyah_Stone:

– If we want her to become a viable Battle Mage again, she must give up some of her burst power. That would mean less spell damage overall to be able to lower her CDs quite much and bring back an AOE Q. This AOE Q will perhaps be weaker than the original to begin with. This will make her a poking and zoning DPS battle mage like she was when she was released and resolve her issues with waveclear.

-The interaction between her AOE Q and Rylais should perhaps be removed. It was really strong, I think it should be still good if only the primary target got slowed and the others got only the AOE damage.

Suggestions from theyknowmy1taps:

– Make Q flat mana cost at around 60.

Suggestions from PeruanToph:

– Bring back AOE Q

– Smaller Worked Ground (For example a buff from 450 units large to 400 units large)

– Worked gound duration rebalance and scaling with Q levels from 60 to 20 seconds

– W damage nerfed from 60-140 +40% AP to 50-130 +35% AP

Suggestions from ARockinUrFace:

– Small reduction of current Q's Worked remaining CD when the Q kills a unit.

Suggestions from VolatileDawn:

– Increasing the E duration from 4 seconds up to 8 or 10 to improve zoning capabilities.

Suggestions from Kemious:

– Remove cast time on Q.

– Nerf Q base damage by 20 on all ranks.

– Nerf E1 and E2 base damage by 50 percent and add a DOT that would deal 1% max health per second magic damage on enemies standing on it.

– Reduce ult channel to 0.25 second or allow her to ride the wall while taking damage, only allowing CD to knock her off.

Suggestions from lemonblitz:

– Removal of Worked Ground.

Burst Mage Suggestions:

Suggestions from theyknowmy1taps:

– Reduce Q damage reduction to 25% against champions.

Either (Suggestions that works for Burst and Battle Mage gameplays):

Suggestions from Kataliyah_Stone:

– Make her passive a little bit less useless in lane, for example, have it only go into CD when damaged by champions, traps or champion's pets (things like Tibbers, clones, Shaco boxes …).

Suggestions from lizthebeth:

– Allowing w to knock up in place or stay as temporary terrain.

Suggestions from theyknowmy1taps:

– Remove Q damage reduction on minions.

– Buff the passive movement speed bonus to 30% − 55%.

Suggestions from PeruanToph:

– Buff to 50 Mana per level

– Q Mana cost buff to 50-75 from 50-90

– Q on worked ground mana cost rebalance: 50-75 but get refunded 40%-60% of its mana cost if it hits an enemy

– W flat mana cost at 75

– W gets a flat cooldown of 14 to all ranks

– Buff E mana cost to 60-80

– Buff movement speed to 340 from 335

– Buff base HP to 540 from 532

– Make her passive scale to be weaker early but stronger mid and late game: Movement speed bonus of 15%(+5% per 100 AP) or take rid of the roaming passive and give in-combat stats instead.


Suggestions from ARockinUrFace:

– Passive's cooldown reduced.

– Passive doesn't break when you damage an enemy but the movement speed bonus gets divided by 2.

– Worked Gound's Q cooldown is reduced by 50% (or refunds 50% of the Q cooldown).

– Nerfing W mana cost and buffing its CD.

– Buffing E mana cost and early levels damage

Suggestions from VolatileDawn:

– 1st, 3rd and 5th Q stones working as separate entities, to make a full Q able to stack runes like electrocute or phase rush.

– Each Q stone would be able to stack conqueror so two full Q would max the rune.

-Removal of the Q cancellation while in Zhonya.

– W gets a flat mana cost of 70 at all ranks.

– W knock up duration increase by 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0 depending on rank. In this case, the w mana would be 70/75/80/85/90.

Suggestions from Kemious:

– Passive would now give 2% movement speed per 100 A. When out of combat, Taliyah would gain 20 flat movement speed bonus. When walking near walls the passive bonuses would be doubled.

– Replace the current AP ratio scaling of E with a 5% slow bonus for each rank (20 to 40% slow depending on E rank).

Suggestions from TheNamlit:

– Bring back her state from before the rework: ~Patch 8.9 and work from there (QoL-Changes are also welcome of course). The reasoning behind her rework back then was her dominance in roaming and I'd say that there are many more and stronger roam-champs today compared to back then, that also have good wave clear So just trying her today with AOE-Q etc. would be really interesting to see.

Suggestions from lemonblitz:

– Comeback of Movement Speed bonus on Worked Ground.

– Less mana cost on W.

– Light damage buff with mana cost nerf on E.

– Make E damage weaker on bumped in champions and stronger on champions that deliberately dash in it.

– Having a zoom out like Jhin ult while riding R to see the dangers ahead.


Battle Mage Suggestions:

Suggestions from Kataliyah_Stone:

– Removal of Worked Ground and rework of Q to work a bit like Kassadin ult: each time you Q you would get an effect for 150% of the CD (probably scaling down with Q level) that would make you throw one less stone each time (minimum one stone). You would need to wait for each current Q stack to go down to get a full Q.

Suggestions from theyknowmy1taps:

– New Passive effect: 1-3 seconds after takedowns Taliyah gains a 100-200 hp shield for 5 seconds. – Allies standing near Weaver's Wall gain a small shield, this serves to make Taliyah more desirably to play with as many complain about her wall and how annoying it can be.

Suggestions from peruanToph:

– Movement speed on worked ground reimplementation with a Q level scaling from 10 to 30%

– New passive for W: each W points adds 1 max boulder to E (9 Max boulders, stacking up from 4)

Suggestions from ARockinUrFace:

– New passive on R that gives an unslowable bonus movement speed for 5 seconds upon landing from the wall.

Burst Mage Suggestions:

Suggestions from Pierced_Jigglypuff:

– New Passive on R that would work a bit like a Kircheis Shard with Taliyah picking up stones while walking that would buff her next ability with these possibilities:

  1. Damage buff on basic E (E1, non-anti dash explosion E).
  2. One smaller Worked Ground.
  3. Bigger W.

Suggestions from VolatileDawn:

– W mark on bumped champions. Marked champions can only trigger 4 E stones but if non marked champions dashes through E, they take all damage from all the stones they dash through.


Suggestions from Kataliyah_Stone:

– Make Q a hybrid ability (AP / AD) and possibly work with strike effects. This will make Muramana + Ravenous Hydra in full AP Taliyah one thing (Q is a great DPS ability so he would likely lean towards the Battle Mage, depending on numbers and ratios) (AOE Q wouldn't be given back with this one, maybe full Q damage on minion though or a lesser Q damage reduction on them.)

-Add a small AD shield with passive.

-Add a passive to the W that gives a small armor bonus scaling with how many Krugs camps, Mountain drakes (or a bigger W passive stack for the first mountain drake killed), and minions (possibly a specific type of minion or every X number of minions to balance it).

-Small base armor buff and Magic Resist nerf (to fit her lore and element more and also because I like the idea of a mage pick stronger against AD champions, it will bring some change into the picking dynamics).

– Make Weaver's Wall (R) a bunch of small walls with HP points that can be hit to be destroyed to prevent Taliyah's roaming to become overly oppressive.

Suggestions from litzthebeth:

– Add the ability to W yourself.

– Make so that the self W doesn't break the passive.

– Mana regen improvement while rocksurfing.

– Make E recastable to make the pebbles explode sooner.

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