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Tanks dont need to deal insane damage to be interesting and useful. Where did all that creativity go that was used on Offensive mythics when making Tank mythics?

LeagueofLegends10 - Tanks dont need to deal insane damage to be interesting and useful. Where did all that creativity go that was used on Offensive mythics when making Tank mythics?

Tanks should keep their high base damages so they dont auto lose trades early but come mid-late game they should be doing peashooter damage in most cases. It would be ok if they did shit damage if they had other ways to be useful besides unkillable false juggernauts.

Since mythics are the items that define our build, and change the way we play the game, why not have tank mythics be the most defining? Tanks dont have to be played in just one way. There are many things tanks could do besides deal more damage the longer they are in a fight. Where is the utility, the buffing, the supportive but aggressive frontline playstyles?

The biggest dilemma with tanks currently is that they either do so much damage that you have to kill them or they will eventually wipe your team, but they end up being so tanky and dealing enough consistent damage that you cant or they do no damage and have barely any usefulness outside of a bit of disruption so you just ignore them and focus down the carries while they hit you with wet noodles and wait for the cooldowns. Tanks need to be annoying enough that you want to focus them down but they shouldnt be able to solo the enemy team. How do we achieve this? Through large, team wide effects that assist your team in various ways. This could be things from AoE Hard CC to super buffing a single teammate to buffing the whole team. Hell, even debuffing the enemy team is a way. Anything but pure damage. Here is a quick rework of the current tank mythics with one new Mana tank mythic.

I also think mythics arent always rush items since you dont even get the mythic bonus until after a legendary item.

  • Frostfire could have had hard CC in the form of a ice field around the carrier during combat that slows. Enemies in the slow field for 5s get increasingly slower then freeze for 1.5s
  • Chemtank could have buffed allies with MS after slowing opponents and grant then Tenacity
  • Sunfire could have applied 40% Grievous Wounds on burn and when maxed, apply 60% Grievous Wounds. Allies that hit immolated enemies ignite them, causing them to burn for an additional 5 seconds and applying 60% GW. Ignite has an internal CD per enemy of 15s
  • Could add a pure health item similar to Cinderhulk. Builds out of Bami's Cinder+Kindlegem+Tear of the Goddess. 500Health/400 mana/10 Ability Haste. ITEM STACKED Gain 5% – 35% damage reduction scaling up with missing mana, maxing out at 50% mana. A mythic passive that granted 5% health per legendary item
  • Shurelia could allow you to transfer 2% of your bonus health and resists to an ally and boost their Move Speed by 30% for 4 seconds. During this time, you lose the amount of resists you gave to your target. If you are killed, the target loses the buff.

I also think none of the tank mythics with resists should have flat resists. Instead of 40 armor and 20 mr, something like, 5% increased armor and 5% increased MR. Let legendary items carry flat resists. Not only that, have the resists be adaptive based off which ever is higher be it your armor or mr. Tank mythics could instead say, "Dominant resist +10%/Secondary resist+5%" It would be based off bonus resists. If equal then both resists will get half the value of that a dominant resist would so in this case it would be 5%. If Riot wanted to take this further and stop supports like Rammus and Leona from going crazy with these items early, you can have their percentages scale with levels. Something like 1-20% Dominant resist/1-10% Secondary assist so you dont get level 1 Leona with per-nerf aftershock vibes. Tank supports would be less tanky than their solo counterparts as they would naturally be a lower level. Also, tank mythics having percentage adaptive resists means other classes like ADC/Mages/Fighters cant build them and be as effective as a tank would with them.

A change like this would mean tanks can build these mythics and not worry about having the tank mythic's resists going to waste and more about their functions.

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