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Tanks will never be balanced until Riot change their philosophy on Armor/MR

LeagueofLegends4 - Tanks will never be balanced until Riot change their philosophy on Armor/MR

After watching Phreak's

about base stats, it got me thinking that Riot's approach to armor and MR is fundamentally flawed and that is the root of the problem that makes it impossible to balance not only Tanks but all other classes.


The main issue is that resistances gives diminishing returns the more you have it, that creates a ripple that makes squishy classes have a lot more benefit from base resistances because they will most of the time end up with decent armor and MR values at level 18, while forcing the hands of the devs to balance Tanks with items instead of base values.

Which causes some mind boggling values such as:

  • Nami (Ranged champion with healing spells): 97 armor at lvl 18.
  • Mordekaiser (Melee champion with no CC and low MS): 88.8 armor at lvl 18.
  • Caitlyn (Long range ADC with self peel and CC): 87.5 armor at lvl 18.
  • Garen (Melee champion, no gap closer and no long range spells): 87 amor at lvl 18

And even when melee and Tank champions have more armor values than squishy champions, is not even that much. All champions hover around 100 armor. This is because devs expect Tank champions to buy a lot of Tank items to become beefier, but if Tank champions are balanced around how good the items that provide armor/MR are, that is also a flawed design.

Imagine that Riot suddenly buff all the armor and MR items on the game, why wouldn't a assassin or ADC buy those items and become an unkillable and high DPS champion with self peel and CC to boot?(That pretty much resume all the Tank metas we had so far)

What I mean by that is: Everyone else benefits more from strong armor/HP/MR items than the class they were suppose to be made for.

So, how to even fix that? If Riot buff Tank items everyone else will abuse it, and if Riot just buff Tanks resistances it will only make Tanks not want to buy armor or MR since it would be a waste of gold because of the diminishing returns.


#My proposal is to change the damage formula and armor/MR items, as well as remove the resistance scaling from the level up.

  • Damage reduction formula: Making it more linear and simple for players while creating more room for the devs to balance damage output.

Damage reduction formula: 100/100+armor = damage dealt

050 armor = 100/150 = 0.66 (34% damage reduction)

100 armor = 100/200 = 0.50 (50% damage reduction)

200 armor = 100/300 = 0.33 (67% damage reduction)

400 armor = 100/500 = 0.20 (80% damage reduction)

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New damage reduction formula: 1.0 – <(armor/5) / 100> = damage reduction

050 armor = 1.0 – <(50/5) / 100> = 1.0 – 0.1 = 0.9 (10% damage reduction)

100 armor = 0.8 (20% damage reduction)

200 armor = 0.6 (40% damage reduction)

400 armor = 0.2 (80% damage reduction)

With the new damage reduction formula, a 400 max armor limit should be set. The same way AS and CDR have limits.*


  • Base Stats change: Balancing champions with HP growth as Phreak suggested on his video.

First I'll set some examples to help visualize how champions can be balanced without resistance growth:

. Caitlyn

old HP = 481(+91 per level) = 2028 at level 18*

old* AR = 028(+3.5 per level) = 87.5 at level 18 (47% damage reduction)

old* Physical effective HP = 3802 at level 18 with no items.

new* HP = 800(+100 per level) = 2500 at level 18

new* AR = 150(+0.0 per level) = 150 at level 18 (30% damage reduction)

new* Physical effective HP = 3500 at level 18 with no items.

. Mordekaiser

old* HP = 530(+78 per level) = 1856 at level 18

old* AR = 025(+3.75 per level) = 88.8 at level 18 (47% damage reduction)

old* Physical effective HP = 3504 at level 18 with no items.

new* HP = 1200(+50 per level) = 2050 at level 18

new* AR = 250(+0.0 per level) = 250 at level 18 (50% damage reduction)

new* Physical effective HP = 4100 at level 18 with no items.

With the static resistance values champions can be better balanced around their HP pools, and with more HP every resistance point is more meaningful and valuable.*


  • Item changes: Making buying resistances a satisfying and meaningful decision.

To be able to better balance Tank items, Riot can now use the base resistance values as multiplier for Tank oriented items without giving too much resistance for squishy champions. To demonstrate this I'll show some examples on how it can be an effective tool:

. Armor cloth:

old* AR = 15 (anything from 4% to 1% damage reduction depending on how much armor you have)

new* AR = 10 (always 2% damage reduction)

. Frozen Heart

old* AR = 100 (anything from 17% to 5% damage reduction)

new* AR = 25 + (20% base armor) = +55 on Caitlyn (11% damage reduction) or +75 on Mordekaiser (15% damage reduction)

. Thornmail

old* AR = 80 (anything from 14% to 4% damage reduction)

new* AR = 30% base armor = +45 on Caitlyn (9% damage reduction) or +75 on Mordekaiser (15% damage reduction)

. Raduin's Omen

old* AR = 60 (anything from 11% to 3% damage reduction)

new* AR = 50 (always 10% damage reduction)

* This change can also help balance Lethality and Armor penetration. Lethality can go back to not scaling anymore and reducing a flat amount of armor, while armor penetration can multiply the total armor value of the champion.

. Serrated Dirk

old* = +10 Lethality = Reduce enemies armor by 6.22 to 10 (increase anything from 2% to 0.6% damage dealt)

new* = +15 Lethality = Reduce enemies armor by 15 (increase damage dealt 3%)

. Last Whisper

old* = +20% armor pen. = Reduce armor anywhere from 20 – 80 (Increase between 5% to 6.25% damage dealt)

new* = +25% armor pen. = Reduce armor anywhere from 25 to 100 (Increase between 5% to 20% damage dealt)


That's just one man's opinion and I appreciate you took the time to read it. Would like to create a discussion about this and hear you guys ideas on how to improve the game and help the devs tackle this damage meta.

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