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Teamfight Tactics 0 synergy Win after 2 days of attempts

LeagueofLegends4 - Teamfight Tactics 0 synergy Win after 2 days of attempts

Finally after 2 days worth of attempts and a number of 3rd place finishes I was able to win a game of TFT without using a single synergy the whole game. Wish the game had a replay system so I could take screen grabs at each wave but pulling it off requires luck with items, some luck on champion pulls and relying on champion raw strength rather than synergies. Dodging traps like single assassins glacial and knight is very important because they really limit options.

https://imgur.com/a/CUl06RI Screenshot of the final team. The items were guinsoo thrister on Draven, Redemption on MF and Cho, Guinsoo dragons claw phantom dancer on Kass, spear on one pyke.

Some tips for anyone trying to pull off this very dumb idea there are a few build arounds that you need to plan for.

-Kass is almost a must he is a key tank he helps limit the power of other teams and late game you can stagger him in the back to deal with assassins recommend 1 at least most of my "successful" runs used 2 kassadins in the mid game.

-Pyke is very good not only for the cc element but hitting the back rank and having no 2 count synergies and weak synergies overall as assassins are weak without their synergies. recommend 2

-Sej is good but if you pick her you cant run kayle so depending on how much of a hail marry play you need to make take her with caution. recommend 2 unless your place is very low so you have pick priority giving you better odds at kayle

-Cho is almost a must pick lots of cc mostly bad synergies and works well with a couple items and in a couple positions.

There are a few chase characters things that you really want to include if you can swing it.

-Kayle rank 2

-Draven. obviously.


The thing they all share is very strong individual power and other than kayle poor synergies.

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Champions to avoid.
-Darius outside of the early game too limiting costs you possibly sej, kayle, draven or swain.


-Mord prevents karth and is very weak on his own.
-Kindred never worked for me perhaps I didn't itemize her correctly but i feel she is balanced around the ranger tag and without it she is very lackluster.

-Ahri seemed like a trap wild is a hard tag to avoid and nid is strong early, and gnar is strong late so ahri just kind of gets in the way and melts to assassins.

-Graves, Shen and Braum all suffer as being weak tanks which rely on synergies to really be effective for a while i tried to rely on shen so I could utilize kennen but every time he left me wanting.

The final match with the Assassin player I trapped. I tend to do an unique formation vs assassins (because its easy to get blown out by them) I make 3 groups the center group has at minimum 1 tile between the furthest unit and the wall, it is made of a 2 tank front with 2 carry behind them and a totally empty back row. I then place a tank next to the carry closer to the center of the map and a hyper tank in the corner so the primary carry has a 2 tanks in front of him, one tank to the side and the other carry to the other side. The corner is then open with a tank isolated. Assuming the formation is on the right side of the map (which it normally for me) was the assassins to the left of my team see the tank on the corner as the furthest unit, assassins on the right see the tank in the center as the furthest unit some assassins will snapshot the "exposed" carry but then will turn on the corner tank. So the match up with this assassin player was 50/50 because he removed his tanks so he could make the assassins see the carries more easily but then I swapped the comp to the standard corner version which blew him out because he no longer had units to to draw me out of formation. Being able to swap between these 2 formations will help assassin matchups.

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Overall it was a decent amount of fun but expect to fail a considerable amount of times before pulling off a win.

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