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LeagueofLegends7 - Thal shares his experience with EDG


I read two different posts on this subreddit regarding Thal's experience/ situation with EDG here and here.

EDG's official announcement regarding Thal was posted on Twitter and has been translated to English by another user here.

Since Thal has recently released two videos on his YouTube channel explaining his side of the story, I felt that it was appropriate to make another thread for it. (

) (


Frankly none of the earlier threads are doing this man proper justice so it's worth discussing his side of the story in detail.

Note that at the time that I am writing this, English subtitles have not been added to his video, so I will be taking portions of the videos and translating it for English speaking redditors.

Video 1:

  • Says he was looking for a new team after SRB got knocked out.
  • Got contacted by EDG during the summer.
    • EDG had a full roster with 1 Korean player on board at this time.
    • Thal was holding his Rank 1 title during this time so was confident of his ability.
  • Due to COVID-19, they decided to hold off on bringing him to China so was informed that he will need to prepare a Visa and plane tickets in advance.
  • Leaves Korea on November 23rd, at this time EDG did not have players for support and mid lane.
    • On the same day, rumours released that suggests that Scout and Viper were signing a contract with EDG.
    • This is significant since teams cannot import more than two foreign players on their team, meaning if the rumours were true, Thal would not have a spot on the main roster.
  • Scout and Viper confirmed for main roster on November 24th.
  • Was told by EDG manager/ representative that EDG wanted to try out two different teams.
    • Team 1: Thal, Jiejie, Scout, Hope, Meiko
    • Team 2: Flandre, Jiejie/ Clearlove, Scout, Viper, Meiko
  • Was put under the impression that he would do scrims to showcase his talent and earn his spot for the main roster this way. Was under this impression for around 2 weeks.
  • Released from mandatory quarantine on December 7th, headed towards the EDG dormitory.
    • No one spoke to him or greeted him for an entire day.
    • EDG treated him like a "ghost".
  • Drafting season in China ended on December 16th.
    • Meaning he had 11 days to find a team.
    • EDG had 11 days to "test" Thal and run matches with him.

Video 2:

  • As soon as he arrived at the EDG dormitory, he was immediately placed in a room that designated him as a substitute player, not a player on the main roster.
    • Hadn't even done scrims at this point in time, the "team 1 v team 2" scenario put out by EDG never happened.
    • Tried to be optimistic at this point and reassured himself that he would get an opportunity in his scrims (and the KeSPA cup).
  • For the next two days, he only played soloqueue (no team activities).
    • None of the players in the dormitory spoke to him.
    • No one from EDG informed/ spoke to him.
  • Gets called to meet with EDG manager/ representative.
    • Told that he should just play soloqueue.
    • No scrims or practices and a Chinese top laner just takes his spot, contrary to what he had been told earlier.
    • Was told that he was not going to be placed on the spring roster at all and that he should just play soloqueue and study Chinese.

After quarantining in China, Thal personally requested to be released from his contract and asked to return to Korea… Although EDG tried to convince him to stay and train with them for at least half a year, Thal insisted on returning to Korea.

  • Thal goes on a rant about EDG's announcement after he left. (Twitter post from link provided above).
    • The Korean translation of the Chinese posts states that Thal was moved to the EDG dormitory to try out for the team, which directly conflicts with Thal's testimony that there were no try outs or scrims.
    • Takes issue with the fact that EDG tries to wrap up his situation in two short lines and that they misconstrued the fact they never conducted any try outs in the first place.
  • Reads out the part where EDG explicitly mentions the fact that he was paid whilst he was at the roster.
    • This might just be the way the Korean translation is slightly biased, but it implies that EDG was suggesting that Thal was focused on the salary and that he stayed on for six months just for the salary.
    • Refutes EDG's statement, says that his streaming career has a higher salary than his salary with EDG. States that the only reason he decided to join another team was to further his career as a pro gamer and challenge himself.
      • Ultimately states that the reason he left EDG was because EDG clearly wasn't going to give him a chance to prove himself and that EDG management was terrible.
      • Alludes to the fact that he was not informed correctly of roster changes ahead of time and that EDG tried to pull a fast one on him.
      • Acknowledges that Viper and Scout joining was a good thing, says that from a team perspective that it's a good thing since excellent players are joining.
      • However, he still expresses dissatisfaction with the fact that he had zero scrims or try out games to compete for a spot on the main roster. Says that he hasn't played with a team for the past eight months (departure from SRB ~ now).
      • Frustrated that all he has to show for the past six months is hundreds of games on soloqueue, losing money from not being able to stream/ upload videos and studying Chinese. No scrims with any team, no try outs, no communication.


It's a damn shame that someone who used to be an absolute legend be treated (allegedly) so poorly.

Even though the right thing to do would be to wait for EDG's response, given that EDG has a history of poor management in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if Thal's testimony turns out to be true.

As a Korean, it pains me seeing LCK players get exported to LPL teams. It sucks that players like Thal are being treated so poorly by groups calling themselves "professional gaming organizations".

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