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Thank you LS and Happy Birthday

LeagueofLegends11 - Thank you LS and Happy Birthday

Today on Nick's aka LS birthday I would like to express my gratitude for all he does.

LS practically devotes his life to league of legends and its comunity, which is everyone on this sub and a whole lot more. He actively tries to teach everyone the game using every possibility to connect with the whole range of players from Challenger down to elo hell. Macro, micro (mostly certain interactions), Itemisation, drafting, state of the game and the professional structure, as well as community. All that gets covered by him and the great thing is he explains his opinion and lets people argue with him to teach him, when they bring valid arguments contradicting his beliefs. He is highly rational concerning the game giving us more insight then otherwise possible and by devoting so much time he got the experience and reference to be able to using his analytical tools, explain the game and make all of us better players.

I know only a really small percentage of us want's to go pro, but all of us enjoy climbing, getting that shiny border or just doing some weird flex with your elo. In order to achieve that you need to get better at the game, you need to learn. And LS provides the perfect service to do so, which is why I value him so highly.

In the last months he has done so mostly through costreaming 3 of the major Leagues LEC, LCK and LCS pointing out all the good and the bad professionell teams and players opt to. LS is extremely vocal about criticism and thus brings us the most efficient and productive commentary and advice out there. (I know LCS costreams tended to be kind of fiesta, but he noticed and worked on it)


In conclusion I really enjoy LS as a league of legends content creator and kind of a big brother (no matter how youthful he looks) that sits down with you and teaches you how to play the game and even enjoy it more, which brings me to my final point.

LS is not only a great league personality, but a great human at. He sits in his glass house showing his whole being and sharing his struggles. Nick always had personal struggles, probably a lot more than most of us have. What really inspires me about him is the way he shares all of this with his whole community, his "family" as he refers to it at times. He keeps getting up, facing the struggles and showing us what is possible. Nick makes a great rolemodel by just being himself and sharing it, motivating people to also face the struggles and do their best everyday, no matter what. Furthermore his empathy and kindness are great. He is no holy man, but a sensible and great human being which makes it very enjoyable to watch Nick and his content as LS every time.

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to word my gratitude for such a personality in the scene. I'll gladly hear your opinion in the comments and wish you all a great day!

And Happy Birthday Nick!

TLDR; Thank you Nick for being such a great person and content creator

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