League of Legends

The art of chosing your main, backed up by stats from lolalytics

LeagueofLegends3 - The art of chosing your main, backed up by stats from lolalytics

Hey everyone,

this guide is supposed to help players who struggle to find their "main" champion.

I don't know if there are similar guides out there and there is of course no guarantee that this method works for everyone.

It just shows how i found my mains (Kindred/Anivia atm, Diamond 5 last season).

I use lolalytics (plat+) as my source of stats but you can use any statssite you want!

So let's find your main!

1. Choose 5-10 champions you love playing (no matter how good you are at them)

​1.1 these can be from a single role or across all roles, the decision is up to you

Example: Vayne, Yasuo, Gnar, Nocturne, Caitlyn, Kha'Zix, Nami

2. Availability

2.1 maining a champ means playing him a lot. In order to do so, he has to be available to play.

For this step, we look at the play/banrates of our champions.

The "formula" i use is availability = 100% – pickrate – (banrate/2).

I use half the banrate because you can show your team which champ you want to pick and (hopefully) prevent them from banning him.

This availability-rate should be above 80% so you get to play your main in atleast 4 out of 5 games.


​ Vayne (100% – 27% pick + (27% ban / 2) = ~59% availability)

 Yasuo (51%) 

 Gnar (98%) 

 Nocturne (95%) 

 Caitlyn (81%) 

 Kha'Zix (85%) 

 Nami (83%) 

Conclusion: we sort out Vayne and Yasuo because their availability is below 80%

3. Viability

3.1 if you put hours and hours of time into your main you want positive results. Climbing the ladder is probably the number 1 reason to main a champion in league of legends.

The stat i use as an indicator for viability is lolalytics "main"-winrate which shows the winrates of players above diamond 5 and 50+ games on that champion.

You can find this stat in lolalytics list view or if you open a champions page.


For me, this is a big indicator on how "mainable" a champion is and i want my main to be in the top 33% of all champions for this stat.

As of now, the top 33% is at about >57.5% winrate.

Example: ​ Gnar (50.3%)

 Nocturne (54.1%) 

 Caitlyn (57.0%) 

 Kha'Zix (61.2%) 

 Nami (59.8%) 

Conclusion: we sort out Gnar, Nocturne and Caitlyn because their main-winrates are below 57.5%

4. Counterplay

4.1 This last indicator asumes that "maining" a champion is similar to "one-tricking" a champion to you. You want to pick your champion, no matter who your enemies are.

In order for this to work, it is important that there are no hard-counters to you, so firstpicking is not as big of an issue.

To find out if there are any hard-counters to your champ you can go to the champs site on lolalytics and look at the "Lane Countered By" stats.

It is rather difficult to define what a hard-counter is, but i'd say if there is an enemy champion with a pickrate over 3% and your winrate against said champ is below 47% you can consider him a hard-counter.

I usually sort out champs that have two or more hard-counters as per my definition above because one is bannable.

Example: The hardest counter for Kha'Zix would be Vi with a pickrate of 4.75% and your winrate being at 49.30% against her.

The hardest counter for Nami would be Sona with a pickrate of 3.87% and your winrate being at 49.57% against her.

Conclusion: Both of our remaining champs have no hard-counter and are therefore mainable.

Now it is up to you. Play a few games with them and decide or maybe take one of them as your "off-main" in case you get your secondary-role / autofill.

5. Rage

​ 5.1 Get on a losing streak, decide that this champ is garbage and repeat steps 1 to 4

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