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The backlash T1 and Joe Marsh are receiving are not based solely off of LS and his past. There is more to it

LeagueofLegends11 - The backlash T1 and Joe Marsh are receiving are not based solely off of LS and his past. There is more to it

Yes, the Korean fans do dislike LS for his very questionable act regarding Malice and Untara but that's more of a bonus to the whole story.

The fans of T1 and Faker are hugely disappointed and to a certain point enraged for how T1's management have handled 2020 season.

In 2020 Faker was involved in more than 20 advertisements, largest number in his whole career, was featured in a Youtube video of a famous celebrity several times, and the same applies to the entire T1 roster to a certain extent as well. Although Faker and his teammates were quite busy doing external activities during the SKT T1 era as well, it is still incomparable to what T1 is demanding its players.

Coach Kim, while still in T1, has expressed that he is not satisfied with how T1's players are involved in too much external activities. Clid left T1 because he wasn't satisfied with how the team is run, including all the advertising he needed to fulfill as a T1 player. Fans were worried about how much T1's players, especially Faker was doing all the advertisements shortly before and during the season as well, although it was less of a concern during the spring split.

Just to give you sense of how busy the T1 players were, that collab between T1 and BTS was filmed 20 or so days before playoffs IIRC.

On top of that, there was a leak about T1 signing Polt and LS during regional qualifiers, way before Kim has resigned. Based on this one could even assume that T1's decision to sack Kim was not entirely based on the team's performance but his disagreement with the boards, like the one mentioned above.

Last but not least, the fans are feeling in such way that, if T1's reason to sack Coach Kim was due to his performances, they feel that the most logical step after it is to find a head coach that is familiar to League and has proven himself.

Although Polt was a decent SC2 player and beloved in NA, we should remember he has just started playing League this season and his elo is gold. Damwon's coaches were master and challenger. CvMax was high elo in the past when he was streaming. Kkoma was a high elo player as well. This is actually way more important than some might think. High elo doesn't only mean that you have the mechanical capabilities but also the gaming sense and know how to play the game on a macro level. We will never know if Polt's macro sense in SC2 will convert into League before next season.


Talking about LS, although he have shown some brilliance, especially concerning itemization, he was never proven as a coach either. Daeny, Zefa, CvMax, Kkoma, Edgar, you name it. All of these coaches have proven themselves at a smaller team or as a sub coach. Polt and LS hasn't.

This would not have been as big of a deal in some other smaller teams but we are talking about T1, and more importantly, Faker. Faker is past his prime and now his career is probably in twilight. Every season after another becomes more significant in meaning and T1 has already had a very lackluster 2020 season. It's also the case that Faker's skills, despite being past its prime, looks to be enough to compete for the cup. We should remember that T1 was the champion of the spring split.

This is what enrages the Korean fans the most. That T1 is gambling with their coaches in what might be the final years of Faker's career. Parallel to that they are not letting their players to concentrate in the competition. Fans are questioning if T1 has become fundamentally a different org from the SKT era and is significantly spoiled by Joe Marsh and the new management.

It is also true that after Joe Marsh stepping in and SKT T1 becoming T1, the change in the roster was a huge let down losing Clid and Khan and scouting Roach and Cuzz, scouting Coach Kim was a total cluster f** in hindsight and how Joe Marsh handled the situation (including that Baby Yoda tweet) was very disappointing.

Some are even feeling in such way that T1 doesn't see Faker as a player anymore but a marketing asset. I agree on this view to a certain extent as well. Sponsors are important but they cannot be more important than the competition itself.

To football fans, the relationship between FC Barcellona, Messi and their fans would be a good comparison to the situation T1 is facing.

I personally think LS might be a good choice because his strengths might match the huge item updates coming up for season 11. On top of that there are also rumors that Marin would also step in as a coach alongside LS so he could be able to fill in what LS would lack on.

On the other hand I am also very doubtful that it's T1 among all others that's pulling such decisions out. It's very worrying for me because we don't know how longer Faker would be able to compete on a top level.

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