League of Legends

The Boards are dead. Welcome to the new folks!

LeagueofLegends5 - The Boards are dead. Welcome to the new folks!

200 - The Boards are dead. Welcome to the new folks!

RIP Boards.


100 - The Boards are dead. Welcome to the new folks!

welcome to Reddit.

The best thing you can do as a new person here is
xAb8ozl - The Boards are dead. Welcome to the new folks!

check the sidebar and read our full rules. You can read them here: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/wiki/subredditrules#rules

But since we know most redditors aren't likely to do that, here's a quick summary of our most commonly violated rules:

  1. Don't personally attack other users. Keep your discussions civil. And most obviously, don't threaten other people and don't use hate speech. That's a quick way to get an insta-ban.

  2. Unlike the boards, this is not a place for tech or account support related questions. Instead, you should still reach out to riot support to resolve those issues. That said, we do host a bug megathread for all new patches and we encourage you to post about your bugs in those threads.

  3. All posts here must be directly related to League of Legends: the game, the league community (fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, etc), and league esports. For posts related to personalities and esports, the content must focus on players/orgs interactions with the game and not their lives outside of it.

  4. Memes are also disallowed here unless they are remade in their entirety. Basically, we want to see original content instead of the same recycled template memes. Be creative and you can still have fun with this stuff.

  5. Screenshots, tweets, and videos under 15 seconds all need to be in text posts. This is to help curb "low-effort" content on the sub.

  6. Your posts should address the community and not just Riot. So if you do a "Riot please" style post, it will almost certainly be removed. Instead, share your idea with the wider community and Riot will probably see it.

  7. Make sure your titles describe the content of your posts. Vague, contextless, and memetic titles will end up removed.

  8. We take a very hard line against spam. Your recent user history must contain no more than 4 self promoting links/comments. If using New Reddit, this is your last 25 posts. For comments to be considered in the ratio they must be part of a discussion and not be short one or two-word comments.

  9. Lastly, we know that people love to share their posts with friends and fans, and the boards allowed you to do that. However, on reddit, we frown on "vote manipulation". As such, please:

  • Do not encourage friends/followers anywhere to upvote or downvote Reddit posts.

  • Do not ask for upvotes in your post, or say "This will be downvoted, but…".

You can link or otherwise share your comments / links on social media, provided you follow the exact titling shown here –

“I just posted ‘POST TITLE’ on Reddit.” followed by a link to your post.

If you are violating our rules on a regular basis and otherwise interacting here in bad faith, then this is what you can expect.

And finally, the closure of the boards means that we may see more Rioters around the subreddit. You'll know who they are by their pretty
flair. Only verified Rioters will have this flair, so if you see a comment from a Riot flaired user, you'll know it's legit.

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