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The Connection Between Swain and Fiddle: Newfound Information

LeagueofLegends9 - The Connection Between Swain and Fiddle: Newfound Information

Hello again!

Last I spoke about this, I theorized about Swain and Fiddlesticks' connection, the things that clearly tie them together and why they're related in some way. You can read that here. However, I am no longer confident I had it entirely right first try.

For one thing,

is called "Terror in Demacia" but we know Swain's demon is, or at least was, contained in the Immortal Bastion, in Noxus. The geography doesn't line up. Moreover, now we have a somewhat better look at what Fiddle is all about, whilst he certainly resembles Swain (his magic is black with red accents, and Swain's is red with black accents), he certainly does not seem to be the "demon of secrets" we know Swain to possess. But the similarities cannot be discarded.

So, take a look at the symbol that appears when

Swain's symbol upon casting Demonic Ascension

Now, during Fiddle's

, we are shown, for a few frames, parts of a similar, red symbol. This is the most we are shown at once-

The symbol in the Fiddle trailer.


Clearly not the same symbol… So it is unlikely, as I earlier hypothesized, that Fiddle is actually Swain's demon. But their relation could not be clearer. Because look at the symbol underneath Swain, it's an eye. And what can we see represented in that symbol? An eye.

So, here is what makes sense to me. Each pictograph in this symbol represents a different demon, with the whole thing representing demonkind as a whole. For example, the eye represents the demon of secrets. The symbol on the left looks to me like it could be a scarecrow, the middle one being perhaps a woman? (to represent Eve). I realize this is stretching, but the idea that each individual symbol is meaningful is strengthened by the fact that the last frames of the trailer shows each individually, followed by the whole (which is the picture displayed above). What exactly this means and what relation each demon actually has to each other, I'm not sure. But I think there's real weight to this symbol being meaningful to all demons, with Swain's being represented in the eye.

As a final note, the demonic writing along the edge is similar to that Fiddle manifests when he casts his ultimate.

New and improved Fiddle ultimate

I don't think its the same writing, so I'm not entirely sure what this means. But it's clearly linked in some manner.

So, TL:DR: Fiddle is probably not Swain's demon, as I first thought, but is almost certainly related. We are shown a symbol which could likely represent demonkind, and possibly future demons we've not seen.

What do you all think? I'd be interested if anyone can build on these observations!

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