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The fact that Riot is balancing champions solely in Nexus Blitz is a slap in the face to all ARAM players.

LeagueofLegends5 - The fact that Riot is balancing champions solely in Nexus Blitz is a slap in the face to all ARAM players.


For the longest time I figured Riot didn't want to specifically nerf/buff champions in ARAM simply to keep continuity with Summoner's Rift. It made sense to me. It seemed like they wanted to keep champs the same between the two game modes as to avoid confusion i.e. my champ does x amount of damage in SR, why is it doing y amount of damage in ARAM?

Yet Nexus Blitz gets specific champion balancing after only its second iteration of being on live.

It may seem like a minor complaint, but its honestly really upsetting. I love playing ARAMs, but some champions are so absurdly broken in them that it makes the game feel like death. Ziggs and Sona both have over a 70% win rate. There are 11 other champions with over a 60% win rate.

A large amount of the time, the game is simply decided by which team has the most broken champion. Sure, you can use your rerolls to try and remedy this, but if you own most of the champions then your odds of getting something stupidly OP are relatively slim. Plus, it's not even that fun to play something so broken. A lot of it is just poking and poking and poking.


ARAM only accounts exist for this reason. They just buy most of the ridiculously OP champs and practically never have to deal with the misery of getting Vi into 3 poke mages, a Marksman, and a tank.

I hate that probably 70 percent of the ARAMs I play are practically out of my hands. I get it, it's "All Random", so there's obviously going to be an element of RNG, but when there are champs that boast 70% winrates and nothing is done about it for years, its beyond frustrating.

It seems like Riot is being a bit inconsistent here. If it's okay to nerf/buff champions differently across different gamemodes (which it seems like it is, since Nexus Blitz got special treatment), then for the love of god nerf some of the cancerous shit in ARAMs, or at least buff some of the dogshit champs that have less than 40% winrates.

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Source: guy with over 3,000 ARAMs played.

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