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The FlexQueue System is extremely flawed and should be reviewed for High Elo

LeagueofLegends1 - The FlexQueue System is extremely flawed and should be reviewed for High Elo

Hello everyone I am a relatively High Elo player on EUW and as someone who has hit Challenger in Flex for 3 seasons in a row I can safely say that there are a lot of issues that should have been addressed a long time ago.

Taking a look at the top players in EUW Flex Challenger:

Here are the current Top5 Flex players on EUW:

They all share a common trait in their match histories, in almost every Flex game they play, it is them on their Challenger Account, another High Elo Account, and the other 3 players are all Silver or below ranked in Flex. This is obviously to abuse the system to get matched against lower ranked opponnents, AND IT WORKS , they don't even face Flex Masters or higher and their enemies range to as low as Gold. There is absolutely no competitive integrity or any value at all to the Flex standings as it comes down to who can grind out the most safe-wins to get Rank 1. People who don't abuse this can't even compete with it. Obviously the low elo accounts they queue up with are not actual low elo players but smurfs, literally build for the purpose of bringing the overall level down, just take a look at this account that frequently plays with some of the previously mentioned players:


100% winrate (8 Games) when playing seriously to boost the Challengers, 31 10-minute losses to bring down the MMR. And sadly this is the same for almost all of the "booster" accounts.


The core problem

Since the introduction of Flex Queue it has never really been hard for any Diamond 2+ player to hit Challenger in Flex as long as they played enough games. However, climbing to the very top is absolutely impossible when playing as a 5 man team that does not abuse the aforementioned exploit. Last season, I got a group together to grind Flex with, and it went really well at first, with all of us reaching Challenger in little time. However, the higher the overall group, the harder it becomes to climb, not for the reason of the games becoming too hard to win, but because high elo matchmaking in Flex is completely broken. There is a very small playerbase, so Challenger Queuetimes average at around 25 to 30 minutes, and very often you get matched against non-premades, making the games an absolute joke as you have a huge advantage through better communication. However, this also results in you winning 6 LP per win and losing 30, so when I was still 600 LP short of Rank 1 at around 700 LP, we kinda gave up our climb and just played to not decay. And here lies the biggest problem of Flex, the playerbase is way too small. Can the top Flex players be blamed for exploiting the system? Kinda, of course climbing the intended way is impossible, but swap out one of your Challengers for a Platinum or low Dia and you get way faster Queuetimes and a lot more LP. But of course this would result in harder games with better opponnents and why not just take the easy way?

How to fix the problem

I think it is necessary to remove the ability for Master+ players to play Flex with anyone below Diamond. However this is just a bandaid fix to stop the abusers of the system. The problem of the minuscule playerbase still remains as there is no real reason to play Flex. Maybe just remove the Queue completely and bring back Ranked Teams with some improvements, as right now there is no real reason to play Flex when you are less than 5-man premade anyways. This is just my opinion however so if you have a better solution or disagree with me feel free to tell me.

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