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The healing abuse issue remains, Grievous Wounds item buffs only ruin kit healers like Soraka, while champions like Yone still ignore it.

LeagueofLegends13 - The healing abuse issue remains, Grievous Wounds item buffs only ruin kit healers like Soraka, while champions like Yone still ignore it.

This has been talked about again and again, and while I will concede that Omnivamp items had that aspect of them nerfed, there are still champions that are healing ridiculous amounts and ignoring Grievous Wounds despite those changes. And I'm not talking about champions with healing in their kit, like Soraka and Zac, I'm talking about champions with DPS that can proc lifesteal and omnivamp so much that they heal more than Soraka, such as Yone and Yasuo.

Grievous Wounds items have been buffed, and it seems Riot intends to treat anti-healing as a regular stat, except that is probably the long and complicated way to deal with the issue (assuming that its even dealt with in the first place), which will only lead to a lot of players being frustrated until the end. I don't understand why its so hard to see how this choice is problematic.

The comparison between Grievous Wounds and other stats is, by itself, quite absurd. If I'm a mage, I have multiple items for mana, health, AP, ability haste, health, but if I want anti-healing, there is only one item for me, which means that I have to force myself to buy the item, and considering how prevalent healing is, this basically kills build variety, because I need to give up one slot every match for that one specific item, even if I just build Oblivion Orb.

And that is not to mention the fact that there is a terrible unbalance between the champions that get countered by the Grievous Wounds effect. Go back to the examples I mentioned before, Soraka has healing in her Q (for herself), her W, and her R. Soraka's Q costs mana, has a cooldown and is a quite slow projectile that can be dodged. Soraka's W costs health, mana and has a cooldown. Soraka's R costs mana and has a very long cooldown. Because her healing has intervals, she suffers a lot from anti-heal because the main aspect of her kit isn't available all the time and when it is, it gets reduced.

Now lets look at Yone. Yone has an incredibly high DPS, and thus can proc lifesteal and omnivamp in his basic attacks and his Q all the time. Because he can stack a lot of both stats, he will be getting massive healing from each attack, with no intervals, which means that while Grievous Wounds is reducing his healing, he is still healing a lot for a longer time, meaning that the anti-heal effect isn't going to prevent him from recovering his health quite easily. That is not healthy, Yone has high DPS, a shield, two dashes with knockups and an in-out movement ability in his E. Tell me, then, why should Yone have more sustain than Soraka, an actual healer, when he has so much to bring already? I'm not saying that he should not have any lifesteal, but I do think he should not have so much lifesteal that he becomes a hyper-mobile drain tank. Another thing to not is that Yasuo isn't far behind either, he heals just as much, while having a lot of mobility, damage and CC in his kit, not to mention the wind wall. Another little thing, if you want to argue that these champions maybe don't have a high winrate, remember that they are picked a lot by players that want to make plays, but realistically can't, which ends up leading to them only feeding, "banning Yasuo because an ally wants to pick it" was treated as a meme, but it was a real thing.


And this is so unhealthy too, it baffles me how it wasn't changed already. This kind of playstyle basically removed any mage that relies on poking from mid lane. Has anyone noticed that? Champions like Xerath have been kicked from their own lane and forced into the support role (and Xerath is a quite mediocre support too) because even if they poke the enemy, they will just heal it all back in the minion wave, because its just that easy to completely undo the damage in such a passive way. And Xerath isn't the only example of this either, its kind of a meme how many mages ended up as mediocre supports because they're even worse in mid.

One of the main roots of this issue is, of course, Ravenous Hunter. I have no idea why this rune was not nerfed yet, even if you argue that its meant to make champions have "playmaking potential", they can still have playmaking potential, their players will just have to learn when it actually take risks. It makes no sense that the tree that claims to be meant for burst damage has an option that outclasses all other sustain runes, besides why is the Domination tree's last row the only one of all trees (correct me if I'm wrong) to have four options instead of three? Just remove Ravenous, easy enough, the very existance of this rune is illogical. Taste of Blood is enough for sustain, at least it actually requires you to interact with your enemy instead of a minion wave, while Ravenous just requires a few assists. At least lifesteal items require those champions to spend gold.

Either that or just make Grievous Wounds more effective against omnivamp/lifesteal, like, maybe making those stats weaker the more they use it or something and even then, that will still leave the problem of players not having the build variety they were promised, because they're forced to build anti-heal every game instead of it being a situational counter-measure. If the buffs to Grievous Wounds continue, all we'll see is champions like Soraka get absolutely buried until the anti-heal effect finally becomes close to decent against the likes of Yone, which seems like too much of a hassle for me when you can just go through the shortest route and deal with the root of the issue, allowing more champions to be played in mid and not get nullified by a playstyle that has turned many players away.

TL;DR: Buffing Grievous Wounds is still weakening the champions that don't need that, like Soraka, while not addressing champions that abuse healing, like Yone, not to mention that forcing players to always build Grievous Wounds goes against the idea of build variety. Ravenous Hunter is one of the roots of this issue, champions like Yone don't need to be drain tanks to be effective, and said playstyle has kicked several champions out of mid.

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