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The hypocrisy of the riot balance team: Riven vs Aurelion sol

LeagueofLegends13 - The hypocrisy of the riot balance team: Riven vs Aurelion sol

So the changes for 9.6 has been revealed in a tweet from RiotRepertoir and there were a few responses to that tweet asking about riven and how absurdly strong she is and asking when she will be receiving nerfs. To which a response was given here, here, and here.

Basically to sum all those up, the response was that while she is powerful, they aren't enough to warrant nerfs and also that NA has a sort of hate bias against her because she's banned more there.

On lolalytics, riven is currently the number one most played top laner and also ranked number 1 in overall performance. This stays consistent all the way from platinum to masters elo. Currently her one tricks average a 61 percent winrate on her as well.

Just a recap. There are three main things that riot will nerf/change a champion for.

A consistently high winrate in conjunction with a high or above average pickrate: The reason why they will be hesitant AT TIMES to nerf low playrate champs is because the less amount of people that play the champ, the more the winrate and performance is inflated by mains and one tricks of the champ. Usually, the more popular a champ gets, the lower their winrate will be, That's why a champ like ezreal, though he averages a 48 percent winrate will still be nerfed and changed by the balance team due to most of his winrate being lowered by the fact that he has a 30 percent pickrate.

A consistently high banrate or high levels of frustration: Akali is a prime example. The patch before her obscured was taken, though she was nearing a 40 percent winrate and performing atrociously in every elo, she continuously got banned until riot finally pulled the plug on her shroud mechanic to make way for other changes to her kit.

Overwhelming in pro play: Even if they aren't as strong in solo queue, if a champion is problematic in proplay (ryze, azir, cass, mid taliyah etc) they will be changed.

Usually only one of these reasons are required for a change or nerf, but riven can be described by two of them (High banrate and consistently high winrate)

Now let's look at a champion that many of you may have forgotten has existed and a patch that made even the mains of this champion stray away from him.

Aurelion sol

just a quick disclaimer before I jump into this so no one thinks I'm being biased: I am not an aurelion sol main. I actually main ivern and taliyah mid. I have probably played ASol only 12 times my entire life and 5 out of those times I ended up feeding before 4 minutes.


Aurelion sol was nerfed in 8.21. He consistently held the number 1 winrate for midlane for almost the entirety of the season so at a brief glance it kind of made sense. In addition, the patch before he was nerfed he had a 55 percent winrate in platinum+ elo. So a pretty strong champion right? Not exactly.

To go more in depth, Aurelion sol was and still is one of the "one trick/main only champions" in which almost no one plays him. His total pickrate in 8.20 before his nerf was 1.53%. To put that in perspective. Riven's total pickrate platinum+ is currently 15.51 percent. 8 times more popular than the star dragon. So the majority of where Asol's winrate was coming from was inflated by his mains and one tricks.

Top lane Riven's winrate, though an incredibly popular champ, is currently around 53 percent! Only 2 percent lower than a champion that saw 8 times less play. To make matters worse. In 8.20 aurelion sol one tricks averaged a 59 percent winrate. That's 2 percent less than riven one tricks (61 percent).

But what about his banrate? he was probably changed because of how frustrating he was to deal with right? He's a champion that makes it seem like the other team has two junglers because of how well he can roam. He must be a pain in the ass correct? In 8.20 Asol had a .39 percent banrate. That's 48 times less than riven's current banrate in platinum+ elo (18.77 percent).

Currently now in 9.5, Aurelion sol sits at a 53 percent winrate and a .83 percent pickrate in platinum+ elo. To put this in perspective, Ivern (before the jungle exp nerfs) has a higher playrate than him.

I just found it hypocritical that, at least with the stats here, If riot's going to nerf a champ that has a high winrate that almost no one plays and isn't frustrating to play against, it would make sense for them to nerf a champion that has an high winrate/banrate and that many more people play. Maybe they've changed their philosophy between the time period but I'd really like for them to just give aurelion sol back what they took from him and then undo the "compensation buffs". The compensation buffs they gave him in 9.2 doesn't seem to be doing much for him.

I get that riven sells way more than ASol. But this is ridiculous.

TLDR: Riven will not be receiving any changes though her stats are absurdly high. Comparing the stats Aurelion sol had before his nerfs in 8.21, riven not receiving nerfs seems hypocritical.

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