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The Hysterics LPL 2020 Spring Summary

LeagueofLegends11 - The Hysterics LPL 2020 Spring Summary

G'day boys and girls,
After MSC ending I now realise we have 3 days until LPL Summer starts so I think it's time to round out what Spring was with a quick review:

Greatest Success of a Team

JDG – Despite falling in the MSC Semi-Finals vs FPX, JDG won their first ever LPL Title & by far, had the most consistent split out of any other of the 17 teams in the League. Coming into 2020 Spring, JDG were rated as a top 6 team amongst the likes of IG, FPX, RNG, BLG, TES & EDG. Kanavi, as the starting jungler, (Yes the player who came from Griffin & only played a couple of series last year) dominated the regular season and surprised us all. Kanavi was consistent all split long and outclassed some of the legends in the League like Karsa & Tian.
JDG not only beat FPX 3-0 in the Semi Finals which was clean as hell, but they then went to 3-2 TES and put their names in the hall of fame. This was the first LPL title for every one of these players.

Biggest Failure:

BLG – A team that you will recall us hyping up in Week 1 because of the clean League of Legends that they played. In 2019, we saw Meteor (Who misspelled his name to Metoer lol) make his debut year in the LPL; he was fucking amazing. This year, expectations were the same and in Week 1 he delivered. However, we had that massive break due to COVID-19 and when BLG returned, they sucked. Meteor looked like he had comms turned off, walking into stupid positions for no reason. FoFo and Kingen who, when they came in were some of the strongest in their respective positions; they kind of flopped (FoFo had a better performance that most of the team). It's safe to say something happened over the break with this team (and most of you will have heard the internal drama rumours) and it turned into the biggest failure of an LPL team that I've seen in a long while; so much potential wasted.


Biggest Surprise:
Estar – A team that was ranked 16th or 17th by all of us here at the LPL Casting Team. They had no names behind them, low expectations and were thought to fail against pretty much everyone. Estar came out of nowhere and became teamfighting gods, incredibly consistent laners and had really limited weaknesses. Granted, at the midway point teams started figuring out that they could expose Xiaobai (Top laner who had the least experience in the team) or focus bot to destroy Wink and ShaiuC's lane. Even so, this team still made playoffs in their first ever split and showed us what the LDL is bringing up these days; insane talent. If you haven't watched Estars in the LPL yet, I recommend going back to their series vs FPX earlier in the split to get a good idea of how awesome this team is.

Most Improved Player:

Loken – A lot of people will remember Loken in the TOP Esports Roster that ALMOST made it to Worlds vs IG in the Regional Finals of 2019. He was a quiet bottom laner who was left on an island alongside Ben and was never talked about due to the teams focus towards the solo lanes. Loken this time around was in a similar position but had a much more proactive support in LvMao (who is my MVP of the split but not most improved, he was already a god). We got an incredible laning version of Loken plus the teamfighting god of Loken with solo laners who were better purposed around a teamfighting environment. If there's a player who has really found himself this split and showed up massively in both LPL Playoffs & MSC, it's this import who has now put his name in the contention for a top tier ADC in the LPL.

Hope you enjoyed the short run through you lovely people, LPL English is kicking off this Friday @
9 AM Greenwich Mean Time +0 | 5 AM Eastern Daylight Time | 5 PM China Standard Time

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