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The idea of losers que is just “Elo hell” with a fresh coat of clown paint and here’s why

LeagueofLegends12 - The idea of losers que is just "Elo hell" with a fresh coat of clown paint and here's why

The idea that riot will intentionally sabotage your games with an algorithm that detects loss streak teammates and uses them to weigh down a high win rate player, or to keep you in a certain elo range so you don't climb is patently absurd for a number of reasons.

First of all, let's talk about logistically how this would even be possible. This is Riot games we're talking about here. If Riot's client were a person I'd shoot it in the face in hopes of sparing humanity whatever biblical plague clearly was afflicting it. Nunu has had invisible snow balls for years. We've all duo'd with someone and been auto filled to each others primaries in a lobby. League of Legends as a piece of software is kept together by the iron willed prayers of southern baptists, duct tape, and Big League Chew chunks of gum. To insist that these monkeys banging military helicopters with sticks and rocks could build a sophisticated algorithm to make losers que even exist is laughable.

But fine, let's assume that Trydamere sold his soul to an eldritch being living in the sewers of LA and has spontaneously birthed this code into existence. Why would Riot even want that? I've seen plenty of claims that it keeps people playing. A player wants to chase an elo benchmark and Riot knows they will stop playing when they reach it, so they stop them from reaching via losers ques.

There's literally no reason to do this. News flash; you'll all hit a skill wall eventually and stop doing well in your games by lack of your own ability. Riot doesn't need to do shit for that to occur. Give me SKT wolf as my support and double lift will still shit on me in the bot lane, I promise.

Another argument I read often is that the win loss streaks combined with the corresponding match making results are impossible to explain via randomness, ala "THEIR team gets the master tier smurfs while MY team gets the 14 losses in a row Yasuo one trick. That happened to me 8 times in a row, that can't possibly be random!" Any string of games that forces you to have an absurdly long loss/win streak can't possibly be the result of random chance and must be orchestrated behind the scenes in some capacity is what the argument generally boils down to. There is too much coincidence for it to be coincidence.

Here's a little story that may shed some light on this natural human tendency to fail to understand randomness; a stats professor tells his students to flip a coin 100 times in a row and record the results. Students 1-5 are diligent and do just that, honestly recording the results. Students 6-10 are feeling a bit lazy and just make up results, making sure they definitely look nice and random. Students 6-10 turn in their work and receive failing grades because the prof knows they lied. How does he know? They never had strings where 4-5 heads or 4-5 tails came up in a row. Usually, the most extreme string of flips the average person can imagine is 3 times in a row.


Arguing that having feeding teammates 14 games in a row is impossible and it therefore must be losers que is not appreciating randomness at all. In fact, it's actually quite likely given how many people play this game. There are literally millions of people playing 14 games in a row. It would be seriously more shocking if none of them lost all 14 in a row. Think of it this way; let's say every game is balanced to be 50-50 for you to win or lose. I know it's usually more like 45-55 or 47-53 but let's just roll with 50-50 for simplicity. Losing 14 fair games in a row only happens 0.0061% of the time. Wow! Impossible for that to happen to me by sheer chance, you cry out. For 1 million players, 6,100 people will lose 14 games in a row. That's a very memorable result, so for all those it happens to, they'll talk about it. Now everyone thinks this is some rampant problem, when, in reality, it's quite expected and ordinary.

So to sum up the case for losers que existing, we have a lack of ability from Riot to create it, a lack of motivation for them to create it, and a viable alternative explanation for "abnormal" results we see in solo que. I'll finish with a historical comparison.

I've been playing this game since season 2. Back then, many people were convinced that elo hell existed. For those out of the loop, the argument essentially postulated that it was impossible to climb at certain ranks if your account got stuck because every game you would always get a troll, or an inter, or the classic "bot lane feeders" on your team, simply by virtue of you being silver with a high game volume. Obviously, this argument is absurd because a good player can always overcome bad teammates in the long run with enough skill and game volume, because how would anyone ever climb rank if that wasn't true? There are many, many other ways to debunk this urban conspiracy theory that I won't go into here. To me, this idea isn't any different than losers que. Accept randomness, take person responsibility, and stop trying to find reasons for your inability to climb other than your own skill.

Edit: Someone made an ELO hell argument so I'm just putting this explanation here for why it's not true: Think about it this way; every game you get a nuclear bad teammate. We'll call them a troll for shorthand. Factually speaking, every person in a group of 10, minus yourself, has a set chance of being a troll based on the elo you are in. If 10% of bronze players are trolls, then there should be at least 1 troll per game. Since you never troll, there are 4 slots on your team which could get a troll, and 5 on the enemy team that could be a troll. Thus, over a long period of time, the enemy team will get more trolls than you do, since 5 is bigger than 4. So that isn't a factor holding you back in the long run.

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