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The ‘Invisible Nunu’ Bug – 2 months of Siontific Analysis

LeagueofLegends3 - The 'Invisible Nunu' Bug - 2 months of Siontific Analysis

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Hello to you all!

First of all, take this lightly.. no hate intended towards RiotAugust or Riot itself

Here is a short rundown of this long and bumpy ride in this video –


I am one of the Siontists that are secretly investigating all the little bugs that we encounter in the League of Legends. This Nunu bug was one of them. The following people helped with this post/bug – Caenen, FrankTheBoxMonster, KazuJoM7… either by running tests with me or just by giving me ideas

Anyways, this is a bug which I tried to find the source of over and over again so many times that I kinda lost count. Probably around 1000+ attempts so far in the span of these few patches

Today, I am here to share with you all of the little facts, conditions and fun stuff I had while trying to reason with this bug.. because I finally had enough of it.


  • Everything about this bug (getting hit by it, trying to understand it) is absolute bulls—
  • Nunu’s model shows up at a different spot, rather than him being simply invisible. Like a Phantom
  • The bug is connected to Hunter’s Talisman/passive burn (perhaps other kinds of DoT effects too) and its interaction with basic attacks and triggering of Nunu`s passive.
  • If you get vision on Nunu at any point earlier in the game, he will not end up ganking you with this bug


This is the LIST with a majority of facts that are connected to this bug. All of them are in order by which I took them out one by one from the equation of “Bug Reproduction = …”

The final one, one of the last clues that really narrows down the cause of the bug:

23. You can reproduce the bug by just letting Nunu auto-attack on his own. This then further means that bug reproduction is connected to Nunu attacking the scuttle at a specific time interval.. most likely in the moment when the passive burn of the jungle item is about to proc or already had triggered the passive buff while you are still swinging your auto-attack.

That would technically mean you have a whole ~0.3s time window to synchronize your attack with the burn and Nunu passive coming up from cooldown.. YAY!

After all of these facts, now it is the time for the sweet conditions. Get ready!


  • Nunu needs to use Hunters Talisman

There is a possibility that the bug reproduction is possible with items like Bami’s Cinder, Sunfire Cape and Liandry since I think the connection is the “damage over time” triggering the passive at a specific moment during Nunu auto-attack animation. The one I tried is Bami’s Cinder which had no results. This is anyways highly unlikely to happen in a regular game . One thing that you can probably cross over.

And now the most important.. the things I’ve learned during this testing:

  • I have spent a lot of time testing this alone.. and having 2 PCs side by side while one of them is stuck at 100% loading is the one with better specs, while the other one is already clearing the jungle. Priceless experience.. /s
  • As a follow up for previous one.. it seems that the more time your client is opened the more it will lag with each new champion selection. Believe me, I know.. Needed like 5-10 minutes for one round of testing before going into champion select again
  • To add some more on top of this, imagine going through that same laggy champion select every time after unsuccessful reproduction.. because hurr-durr you can’t do this in practice tool so that you can reset the game instead of creating new one
  • One of more valuable skills Caenen and I appropriated in the early stages of testing was how to perfectly position our camera so that it is always on the same position. It turned out entirely unnecessary.
  • I now consider myself an expert in solo-clearing jungle with Nunu.. even though I don’t play jungle
  • I now hate Scuttle and her damn pathing as she tries to run away from me
  • At least I can now get Scuttle consistently stuck as a retribution
  • Nunu with higher FPS will win the duel of two Nunu`s starting at the same time
  • You can bug-out Nunu`s roaring animation so that you roar each time you stop moving. Beat-box Nunu
  • You can use ghosting effect from the start of the game for an extremely deadly Nunu drift invade. Nothing more fun than running over whole enemy team while going at 800+ ms 1 minute into the game.. and you can still get a leash and push through the first jungle camp easily.
  • Nunu Bot can honk via CTRL+5!!!
  • During this testing I thought of a perfect skin for Nunu that would sort of.. commemorate this bug. Not revealing any details yet, soon™ 😛


These are the things I expect people to be curious for, but feel free to ask any other questions in the comments

1. Why would you waste so much of your time?

I actually like searching for game bugs, it is satisfying to find the source of it. I mostly did it while listening to music as a relaxation after I got bored of ranked games since I can win my lane but not the game hhh. Anyways, this is likely a thing I carried over from Skyrim to GTA IV and now to League of Legends with Sylas that heals for double amounts, Rammus that has bzillion armor and an invisible Yeti

2. Shouldn't Riot be finding this one out?

They certainly tried but weren't successful with determining the case since last year. A smart idea is to not waste 2 or more months entirely dedicated to finding out what makes this specific bug happen. This thing is hard to reproduce to begin with, so.. it is not stupid to prioritize those that are actually fixable first

3. What did their attempted fixes do then?

Good question, we don't exactly know. That is hard to say for sure, since.. we do not have a clean 100% reproduction let alone a full understanding of the bug! In any case r/therewasanattempt Reproduction rate was really low at one point, so the fixes maybe had some effect

4. Why does this course of action make it happen, and why only scuttle?

At the moment we have no idea, and it's not scuttle. it's just attacking anything without being seen by the enemy team. Scuttle is just the most convenient target to test it with

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