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The Ning memes in China you probably like to know

LeagueofLegends2 - The Ning memes in China you probably like to know

I saw some comments about 'Why Ning' when some reddit guys read about Chinese community's reaction to LGD' loss in recent days. I would like to introduce the Ning memes in Chinese community to you, because the Ning memes are probably one of the most popular lol memes in China, you may be wrong to help the top lane, but you will be never wrong to roast Ning.


Emperor Shoes

xx king, xx emperor is a common form in Chinese lol community to roast players. Ning loves sneakers, so he would be called Emperor Shoes when he performed badly in match. Ning got his 'King Ning'(宁王) in his early carreer before S8, but after he got the Champion, this name was no more ironic as it was in the past, it became a honorable title. But since S9, the 'Emperor Shoes' has TAKEN OVER the 'King Ning' as his most popular name. And now, just using the 'the Shoes' as well as that emoji can represent him and people know what you mean. It has been recently developed into 'the Smelly Shoes'.


Give up Shoes and return to Zhen X.0

Zhen is the 2nd charactor of his real name, this originated from an idiom 改邪归正 and they sounds almost the same, meaning that 'give up evil and return to good'. And the 'X.0' means he has DONE this so many times and always disappointed people, so now it has developed to be 7.0 as far as I know.


German Jungle

In the affair of Ning's cheating, his present girlfriend posted their early chat history. In the chat history, Ning introduced himself that his name is Gao Zhenyu(realname: Gao Zhenning), studying in Germany. It then invoked a huge amount of taunt to Ning, and Ning got his new name, German Jungle. This is later used in many other memes which are part of the most funny ones.




A: Ning should blamed for refusing to learn Korean.

B: It is not easy for a German to learn Chinese, not to mention to learn Korean in addition.

Khan, Peanut are usually praised for learning Chinese fast, and usually there will be some comments dissing The Shy's poor oral Chinese. And always this kind of comments will follow.

Rumor: IG is interested in OG upset

A: One team four nationalities?

B: Strictly, three, upset is ALSO a German.


Again, Ning wants to get married

Before S8, Ning said that if he won the championship, he would married his girlfriend. But after he won the S8 Champion, he violated his words and changed a new girlfriend. Ning ranks hardly, so when fans found he ranked much in a period of time, people would say: Again, Ning wants to get married.

Diamond Jungle

During S9, Ning stayed at Diamond for a long time. So 'Diamond Jungle' only stands for Ning in Chinese community.


One kick and redeem、redeeming kick

In S9, Ning' Lee Sin gave two impressive kicks in GRF G2 and save the game. So in S10 when Ning inted, he and his fans often redeem himself by talking about those two kicks. So when Lee Sin is selected in match, Chinese caster may say you can redeem yourself just with one kick even if you suck in the game.


You can never know Shoes's level.

Peanut 3-0 Ning.

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