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The Odyssey Event some years ago had the best Event Rewards.

LeagueofLegends2 - The Odyssey Event some years ago had the best Event Rewards.

This is something that recently came into my mind when looking back at all the Events.

For those that are not familiar: The Odyssey Event consisted of a skin line along with a new Gamemode where you had several missions tied to it. The Gamemode was PvE oriented and the goal was to defeat several enemies and a Boss in a team consisting of five champions with new unique aspects called Augment. Sona for example could take an Augment that would let her shoot her Ultimate in a more or less circle. There was no limitation when it came to Champion Combination and as such, you could have practically went 5 Sonas for example.

This Gamemode had a mission line that was available to everyone, as frequent Passes were not introduced yet. As such, you started with a small mission where you just had to finish the Introduction. After that, you had to continue with new difficulties such as Normal and Hard.

However, there were also some very unique missions with great rewards attached to it. As far as I can remember, you had to clear one of the harder difficulties with a team consisting of only Sonas in order to get an Event Orb.

The best mission line was the one that was attached to the Use of Augments. You had to clear the hardest difficulty with a limited amount of Augments. For example, the first mission in this line required the use of only 4 Augments or fewer in order to get the Reward of a Skin-Shard and Border. The most difficult mission only allows 2 Augments, but gave you a "Odyssey Gem" and a extremely rare Icon. The Gem is similar to the 1-3% Jackpots you receive nowadays when you open an Event Orb.


The Gem gave you different options that you could turn it into, for example a Revel Bag that gave you a Skin Shard of every Rarity (520 to 1820) or a Birdie Bag that could give you the line-up of a Skin Series in the form of shards (All Pool-Party Skins for example).

When doing all the missions, you receive: 1 Event Orb, 1 Mystery Emote, several Event Icons (different rarity), several Event Emotes (different rarity), Skin-Shard with a Border, Blue Essence, 1 Ward Skin and for those that finished the hardest mission, the Odyssey Gem.

Of course you also received some Event Tokens both in the Gamemode and normal Summoners Rift, enough to craft several Borders or whatever you wanted from the Event shop by just playing the Game. Borders during these Event were 80 Tokens each and you got 300 I think just from playing.

Even though the Gamemode was unpopular after just some time, it still had some great rewards attached to it, which made it feel like a real Event with Challenges. Nowadays, the Events are focussed around playing the Game, doing the requirements for the missions and then having enough Tokens for maybe 1 Border and some Keyfragments (Or paying for a Pass in order to get more tokens the more you play).

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