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The old client was a mess but the “new” client feels like it never left the alpha phase

LeagueofLegends9 - The old client was a mess but the "new" client feels like it never left the alpha phase

I have worked on and with many tools in my life and without a doubt I have NEVER seen a piece of software being this bugged or showcasing so many different bugs over one day alone. every patch its like they added a new bunch of weird bugs for you to discover. it's like they patch new bugs into the client by hand every week.

be it…

  • the client swallowing up a huge chunk of performance the moment you switch to the loading screen

  • your loot window or store just staying black so you have to click somewhere else and try again

  • the post game screen taking forever to load. so you think you used the "close client when ingame" but you didn't and it takes longer to show up as if you actually restarted the client

  • the afk button working exactly the opposite of what you'd expect. so when you're normally afk the green dot turns red and people see you as afk while it goes back to green once you click on the client again. but when you mark you as afk by hand and after a few minutes the client recognizes you going afk for real, the red light actually turns to green. then everyone and their mother invites you and texts you and when you actually open the client knowing you've been marked as afk to check some messages, you can literally see the in the first half second how the green light turns red… basically the opposite of what normally would happen. then you get shit on by people who just wrote you because you because they think, that after their message you quickly tried to hide yourself as afk.

  • the countdown timer for bans and picks sometimes doesn't know how time works and puts you in a stress test by rushing down the last seconds like 8…7…654³2..1…0

  • the lock/ban button being grayed out and taking a few seconds to register because it's 2003 and our internet is so slow we always need to wait for a response

  • champ selects never ending. sometimes you're just stuck with the people in champ select. time to meet some new friends tho

  • checking someones profile and when you click on his history it shows you your own

  • that every now and then the client feels like you're a slow learner so it shows you certain tutorials again when you click a certain window

  • some notification never disappearing or popping up again over and over even when you dismissed and deleted them

  • the replay system sometimes saving "highlights" only with a loud as drilling or vacuum noise instead of actual sound

  • changing your options every now and then. so before you start a game it swaps it to window mode for some reason (happens especially often this patch… like 6 games in a row)

  • resetting your config to make locked cam a standard option

  • not being able to delete a keybind when you assign it to a different function and double binds it. so every time you hit M for example it pings that there is a ward AND opens the ingame voice option. or every time you ping danger it also locks your cam.

  • week old chats popping up again marked as "new message" every now and then with nothing new in it

  • the accept button not doing anything once a game has been found putting all your premades blame onto you must have been afk

  • the client making a mistake and queuing me up with bad players from my proximity only because they somehow all know intimate details about my mother

  • the queue pop op never happening. only at the last second you see and hear a half second blink of the accept button including and error message and then you start over again

  • the client flckering after a game when you try to play again. clearing your friend list for a second then popping a bugsplat. but it won't close the client. instead it reopens completely empty in either green or gray. then it closes and opens again while showing a different part of the client missing everytime until it finally comes up again and you're like "yeah, I'm not trusting that" and you relog by hand

  • the lock button acting as a drum. sometimes it does nothing but you still can press it over and over enjoying that echoing blast while creating your own michael bay soundtrack

  • your friendlist groups changing positions for no reason

  • people not receiving invites until they restart the client

  • the client so many times not reacting

  • client not popping up after a game and being stuck in the "game is still running" window, after you pulled it out of the background by hand

  • client crashing ingame forcing you to relog, but you can't because it's stuck multiple times in the task manager so you have to shutdown it by force. then you relog and you get "game is still running" (no shit sherlock) but with no option to rejoin the game (not that it matters since it will give you a "leave" after the game anyway). you try like ten times until you realize you actually have to wait till the game is over

  • payments not updating so you're forced to restart the client and hope the client will finally recognize that you actually just paid to fund this beta test a bit more

  • some games randomly missing the grade or rating (like B, A- or S+) for no reason in the history

  • invites not happening. you type in the name, mark it and invite it. but it never shows up as invited

  • the client asking for a firewall permission… EVERY patch. so you create one. but it never deletes the old ones. so you'll notice a huge mountain of firewall rules just for this one game when you ever check your firewall settings

  • the client stacking up logfiles forever growing and growing with every patch, fix, release, newsfeed. it feels like you're using some third party tool created by some student new to IT which you have to delete every few months and do a fresh installation otherwise your league folder will grow bigger and bigger just thanks to log files and data waste

…for example

and the worst part about all this? this only scratches the surface

and the ACTUAL worst part about all this? this doesn't even mention the bugs you encounter ingame.

this whole thing feels like it's been worked on or at least supervised by people who lack knowledge, foresight and skill. like they add more and more stuff but it feels like they never optimized it to begin with so the client isn't even optimized to handle all these features. basically like the bethesdas creation engine. the whole thing isn't capable of doing all this stuff but they're adding it anyway making it a mess to work with.

I get the feeling that in the early days the devs at riot weren't that capable. now they got the money and may have hired people who actually know their shit. but the old crew has been working there for so long now that they are in charge or at least got the last word in many decisions. I see this so often with customers. old ass skill and knowledge lacking people are leading a department over younger and more trained people who actually know what they are doing. not because they earned it but because they simply got the time in the company on their side (the only part not affected by this… the art department). these people are the biggest reason so many companies are stuck with old tech and old ideas. because they are stubborn and their ego can't handle the fact that some new kid might be in the right and actually might have the better ideas. so they block most of it. because "it worked for me all those years" or "this is how I've done it all the time… its ok". they just can't adapt to new technology. that's one the reasons major companies and government offices use old ass tech like win95 or DOS or tools requiring those OS up to this day (being it the army, traffic authority or wolde wide operating big ass biomedical technology companies). and I'm not talking about some third world country here. It's always the same scenario and the same picture when you come into a new company to provide a solution for problem. there are always people blocking everything off or there are still people employed who you recognize as the typical "no idea what they are talking about" type when you ask them a few questions. and you wonder "why is this dude working here?". and everything that seems wrong with the game or the client always reminds me of those problems.

riot once stated that the code is so fu*ked up that they can't even touch certain things without knowing what might happen. like they change the cooldown of one champ's E spell or the AA range of another and for some reason it fu*ks up how smite works… for only 7 random other champs. since riot once stated that there will never be a league of legends 2 I feel like we're always stuck with the same problems just looking different with every major update.

PS: sorry for lacking english skills

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