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The only team comps you need to know for Clash are teamfight, pick, and siege

LeagueofLegends11 - The only team comps you need to know for Clash are teamfight, pick, and siege

Teamfight in particular is the best composition for low elo teams to run in clash. It rewards solid mechanics, doesn't take TOO much coordination, and helps you secure the majority of objectives to give you a lot of win conditions (baron push, drake soul, elder).

Here are the pros, cons, and execution tips for these 3 basic comps. And this is a video version if you'd prefer: https://youtu.be/rO-efyxlP_0

Teamfight Composition


– Lots of opportunities: Teams will NARAM even if their teamfight is worse

– Ease of execution: clear team identity. Usually front to back, dive, or "Press R".

– Skill expression: gives mechanical players a chance to outshine the opponent. Also you'll always be 1 great teamfight away from getting back into the game from behind.

– Dictate Fights: you'll be the team pulling the trigger and deciding when to fight. usually is a big advantage


– Disengage: a Braum, Poppy, Zyra can completely disengage and ruin your ability to start fights.

– Communication needs: high skill cap in terms of communication good information to teammates. Easy to split focus or not commit to an engage as 5

– Split map: a fed split pusher will prevent you from having all 5 teammates together, reducing your teamfight power.


– Power spike tracking: must track major cooldowns, item break points, and level break points to find advantageous fights.

– Communication: make sure everyone knows when you're looking for an engage, or when you're unable to fight. Coordination is a MUST for teamfight comps.

Example Comps

– Cho, Amumu, Cassio, Ezreal, Naut (front to back)

– Camille, Zac, Galio, Kaisa, Leona (dive)

Pick Composition


-Snowballs hard: when ahead, the enemy team will feel like they can't even go in the juingle for fear of being picked.

– Margin of error: if successful, you should never need to take a straight 5v5. You'll be able to get picks and then only take 4v5 or 3v5s

– Opportunities: you'll have lots of opportunities because people take greedy rotations, disrespect vision, and position poorly very frequently in low elo.


-Objective secure + waveclear: Pick champions (Assassins, Senna, Jhin) typically have a slow baron secure. Also these champs don't have great waveclear, meaning they can't deal with baron very well.

– Very bad from behind: when trailing, you won't have the damage to burst the targets you pick. Then you'll be open to counter engage. Also you won't have vision control on the map, which is necessary for a pick comp to succeed.


– Globals: You go for a pick, 3 enemies ult on top of you… say no more.


– VISION: make sure everyone is getting pinks and you have some sweepers. Set up pockets of vision to pick people in rotations.

– Play for mid game: the comp is bad from behind, so play a conservative early game to make sure you get opportunities when the map opens up and people are more mobile on the map.

– CC layering: don't greed CDs when you hit a target, make sure you commit your cooldowns and get the kill. At the same time, don't use all your CC at once. Stagger it to maximize how long the target is locked down.

Example Comps ( i wouldn't recommend FULL pick comp, but consider these 10 champions who have strong pick potential)

– Quinn, Elise, Fizz, Senna, Thrersh

– Urgot, Lillia, Zoe, Jhin, Morg

Siege/Poke Composition


-Vs short range comps: melee and short range comps will never be able to get in range to start a fight. You can kite them out forever.

-Low risk: doesn't require aggressive positioning or starting teamfights. More macro reliant to set up siege scenarios and poke down enemies so they can't engage.

-Punishes uncoordinated teams: if a team doesn't all-in you together, you'll be able to disengage and turn back on them.


-Long range engage: siege is safe from short range engage, but long range (zac/Ornn) can destroy poke champions (which are usually squishy and immobile)

– Strong wave clear: Waveclear champs like Anivia or Viktor will make it hard to setup siege, as the wave will hardly ever hit turret. Against them, baron is needed.


-Wave management: understand when waves will crash, how long you'll have to poke, and side wave pressure.

– Draft disengage: to deny long-range engage, make sure you have 1-2 STRONG disengage options (Gragas, Poppy, Braum)

– Flank wards:L in siege situations, make sure the enemy doesn't get an easy flank. Ward your sides before the siege.

– Disengage quickly: because hard engage is your primary weakness, be quick ro use your disengage cooldowns to deny teamfights early. Don't greed your disengage CDs and lose the fight.

Example Comps

– Jayce, Gragas, Xerath, Ezreal, Lux

– Maokai, Nidalee, Velkoz, Caitlyn, Braum

Each of these compositions has a clear way it wants to play the game, which makes it much easier for your team to understand and execute on that comp identity. I hope this helps some of you win games in the last Clash of 2020! 😀

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