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The PBE Diana changes are abysmal for the champion AND dont work towards riot’s stated goal.

LeagueofLegends13 - The PBE Diana changes are abysmal for the champion AND dont work towards riot's stated goal.

For some context, I've played diana a lot ever since starting in S3. She's been my favourite champion ever since and always was among my most played champions every season and is BY FAR my most played champion overall. Last season she took me to mid diamond with 60% winrate so I like to think I know the champion quite well.

That said, I want to talk about her current state, the things riot wants to and should change, and why the proposed changes dont accomplish those goals.

Diana right now

Diana has statistically been a very balanced midlaner for a long time now. Her winrate hovers around 50% for at least a year, sometimes dipping a little below, sometimes dipping higher, but always around that margin. She has some issues where she can feel very bad to play from behind for some people, and where she has little counterplay in certain situations when ahead, so those numbers are maybe a little misleading, but a general powershift upwards or downwards is unjustified. Her winrate also doesnt fluctuate very much by elo, so despite her being a little better for higher elo players she's by no means unplayable in lower elo. Considering the higher you go in elo the lower her playrate gets, this slight discrepancy might also be explained by a larger amount of her games being played by mains or people experienced on the champion in higher elo.

Taking midlane in isolation, I think diana neither needs a nerf, nor a buff. However there are multiple QOL things that could be adressed, and some counterplay issues that could be adressed, so I welcomed change that would not tune her power too much.

As for jungle diana however, the last time jungle diana was even remotely viable was in S7. Now for over a year she's been at or below 45% WR despite thousands upon thousands of diana jungle games being played every patch. People desperately want to play her in the jungle, but even during a time when AP junglers were all not viable at all (which has since changed) she apparently wasnt even considered for buffs. Her jungling should obviously take a backseat to her midlane balance, but I dont like to see a champions potential for role diversity completely ignored like this.

Riot's stated goals

So taking both the
w0VLEOIj diana q code changes coming to pbe - The PBE Diana changes are abysmal for the champion AND dont work towards riot's stated goal.
Q changes boards post aswell as the
ZOH65NIy small diana gameplay changes coming to pbe - The PBE Diana changes are abysmal for the champion AND dont work towards riot's stated goal.
new changes boards post into account, riots goals with diana are said to be

  1. Increase counterplay to Diana
  2. Increase enjoyableness of playing Diana
  3. Allow for more build diversity by reducing AP reliance

The changes fall flat for all 3 of those stated goals. Let me explain why:


Oh boy, I could write an essay about Dianas counterplay. But for the sake of brevity I'll only mention whats relevant to the proposed changes on her R:

The standard diana combo is to QWRAA to someone, wait for their mobility spell if they have one and then R to them again and E. Depending on the mobility spell in question E can also be used to interrupt or before enemy moblity.


This already has a lot of counterplay. If you use your mobility spell to dodge the Q after diana has already used her R she's a sitting duck with no ult reset and no damage to kill you or way to get in range other than flash. If she gets interrupted in her dash, she (usually, though it's bugged…) gets her R reset but is missing the damage *and* cant answer to your moblity again because she needs her 2nd R to get to you.

The only situation in which diana feels genuinely unfair and that feeling is justified is if she's fed enough to kill you without getting an ult reset. just RWEQ – dead. This only occurs when really far ahead and against no peel at all on the side of her squishy target, which I would argue actually means it would be quite unfair if she WASNT able to kill a squishy in that situation, but more importantly the changes dont adress this.

Both the reduced damage on her passive barely matters because at the point where you dont need the R reset you usually dont need the passive AA either, and the bigger cooldown on R-reset obviously does nothing for this situation.

So that entire change is designed to hurt her in a situation where she already needs to land her skillshot without the enemy using mobility or getting peeled for, which is not the situation in which she should be punished IMO.

Playing as Diana

This is subjective ofc, but I personally enjoy the spell-weaving aspect of her passive as it is right now. However that aside, I think it's fairly obvious that making her R reset more clunky and reducing her attackspeed in practically every relevant situation isn't going to make her more enjoyable to play. The only "positive" changes would be E cooldown (which is practically irrelevant at least in ranged matchups) and MS on her passive procs which admittedly is going to be decently impactful for both laning and teamfights.

Build diversity

Diana already is one of the most diverse champions in the game when it comes to builds. Not only does she have 2 different "archetypes" she can play with either going full AP or going RoA Nashors for splitpushing, but in those archetypes she isnt pushed into a specific path either (well aside from RoA Nashors itself ofc). Overall she easily has at least a dozen items that are situationally correct on her, and thats excluding boots and jungle items.

Those changes, however, make both bruiser diana harder to play because in actual fights she's going to have less attackspeed, aswell as assassin diana harder to play because she's going to have less total damage AND lose accessibility to that damage.

Final thoughts / tl;dr

The proposed diana changes will hurt both of her primary playstyles while fixing none of the problems of playing her or playing against her. Her attackspeed is suffering, her mana sustain in the mid to lategame is suffering, her burst damage is suffering, her splitpushing is suffering, all to give her E Cooldown which is barely relevant and MS on passive procs.

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