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The perfect emote wheel

LeagueofLegends1 - The perfect emote wheel

Hi, this is a guide on the perfect emote wheel. This guide will be explaining to you the perfect emote wheel and its components.

The left emote: mad boi

This emote expresses an aggressive kind of impression. Say I’m chasing down a strangled with Rengar. I use the “You’re next” emote to make them shit their pants and send them right to the after life. This emote can also express a kind of small rage, say for example you miss a skill shot and lose a trade in Lansing phase. The Mad Annie emote is a perfect candidate to use in this situation. “Everything is fine” Soraka works too! It shows that you’re joking about being mad, but in truth you’re actually mad.

The top emote: fuck boi

This emote is used when you DO win a trade during laning phase. Say you do a successful trade with Irelia. You jab the opposing Syndra with your dancing blades and dash right out of her skill shots. You land your Vanguards Edge and win the fight! While using the Joestars secret technique, use a rather smug emote, such as Lulus Laugh or any of the Ezreal emotes cause Ezreal is literally the personification of Fuckboi. Often, this emote works tangent with a “?” in all chat. Note that this is high risk high reward because a returning “?” after your own death could tilt yourself.


The right emote: support boi

With all this playing with emotions and manipulating the enemy champion stuff, let’s take a more positive route with the positive emote! This emote is primarily used for support mains but is totally fine with any other lane. The emote is used if you’re feeling in a good mood or trying to call someone down; using an emote like “Bee Happy” or “Poro Pal” will reduce the chances of your crybaby ADC of accidentally on purpose dc’ing after dying twice. It just boosts the morale of your own team, and it can even make someone feel bad for bullying you in all chat. Note that this emote works very well with “uwu” and “owo” faces, as cringe as it is. Note that your ADC might think you’re a total fucking weeb and goes top lane cause they’d rather lane with a depressed Ornn main than an Otaku.

The bottom emote: reward boi

Of course, you want to show off your honor level 5; who doesn’t? This emote is dedicated to showing off these fabulous rewards like the “Legend” emote line, showing off how much time you wasted on the game. The ranked split season awards work to, such as the “Ranked Morgana” and recently “Ranked Qiyana” emote. Only downside to this emote is that you must be in a rather high Elo in order to flaunt your ranked emote; anti social bullies will sometimes beat you up for your silver Morgana emote, hence making this the most situational emote to use.

The middle emote: thumbs up boi

There are over 100 emotes in LoL (I think), but the thumbs up is the most iconic and basic emote. It works well in almost all situations, all stages of the game, and it’s free! Simply putting it, there are not too many words to describe this emote, but it’s the most fundamental part of the game.

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