League of Legends

The relationships between the Houses

LeagueofLegends2 - The relationships between the Houses

Council and Faceless are enemies.

The Council knows the meta in-and-out. They know what works and what doesn't. They have a game plan and they want everyone to stick with it. Unfortunately, the Faceless also knows the game in-and-out, but they don't presume to know what works and what doesn't. That's what ranked is for – finding out!

Warband and United are enemies.

The United wants the team to work together. The Warband only sees the team as a liability at worst and bait at best – the four other people who exist to soften the enemy team up so you can clean up and get the pentakill. While they can work together, their differences in priority can bring them at odds and try at each others' patience.

Council and United are lukewarm.

Often their goals coincide – the Council likes it when the team groups on command, and the United are happy with any bit of teamwork is expected of her. But sometimes the Council sees the outcome of the game as hopeless, and calculates that the best option is to quit and move on to the next game. The United's neverending hope for a turnaround can become a liability, but nothing that draws the ire of seemingly-intentional sabotage that the Faceless brings.

Faceless and Warband are lukewarm.

The Warband just wants someone to fight and take down. The Faceless can do whatever they want, as long as they don't feed. Sometimes they do feed, though, leading to an overly powerful opponent on the other team – but as long as the Warband can get himself fed, then that's just another challenge to overcome. The Warband is here to 1v9 from the start. If the Faceless wants to be part of the 9 on purpose, that's their business. All the better for the YouTube highlight reel.

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Council and Warband are friends.

The Council can see the potential in the Warband's inclusion in the match. This is a normal part of the game, annoying but predictable. The Council plans his game around the Warband's behavior, and the Warband is given the space he needs to excel. The Warband is struggling with a bad matchup? The Council ganks and gives him some help to get through the rough early game. The Warband is off splitting at a sidelane and grabbing the attention of the three other people needed to take him down? The rest of the team follows Council and takes Baron.

Faceless and United are friends.

The United believes in the Faceless, just as they believe in any other teammate. While everyone else is crying to FF, the United sees the Faceless's AD Teemo jungle and says – yes, this can work. This will work! After all, despite the off-meta build, it is clear that the Faceless is still trying to win – maybe all they need is a little help, which they would gladly accept. Need a Leona for your roaming Mordekaiser? United is there. Need a Taric for your AP farming Sona? United is there! Need someone to vote no on the surrender vote and hold the rest of the game hostage to your inane shenanigans? By golly – United is here for you, friend.

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