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The Review: Patch 10.5 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

LeagueofLegends4 - The Review: Patch 10.5 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

Hey all, Aldonall from LoLTheory.gg here! Welcome back to The Review, where I use tables and numbers to talk about what Riot's most recent balance patch actually affected, and by how much.

patch 10 5 notes - The Review: Patch 10.5 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

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A quick-hitting patch this time around, with changes to a couple recent staples who have been causing a bit of mayhem in solo-queue (Ornn, Sett), as well as buffs to old friends (Graves, Kayn), and the possible resurrection of something I didn't think I'd see again (on-hit Neeko).


Simple Champion Changes

ChampionRoleChangeWR 10.4 ⇒ WR 10.5PR 10.4 ⇒ PR 10.5
AlistarSupportBuff47.87%  ⇗  49.72%2.94%  ⇗  4.41%
AmumuJungleNerf51.06%  ⇘  49.56%4.32%  ⇘  2.92%
BardSupportNerf53.74%  ⇘  52.25%8.56%  ⇘  7.22%
BlitzcrankSupportNerf52.07%  ⇒  51.26%11.03%  ⇘  9.87%
GravesJungleBuff49.64%  ⇗  51.11%4.06%  ⇑  6.23%
KaynJungleBuff49.06%  ⇘  47.54%4.78%  ⇑  6.63%
LissandraMiddleBuff48.23%  ⇒  49.03%1.86%  ⇗  2.70%
NeekoTopBuff50.20%  ⇒  49.58%0.19%  ⇗  0.78%
NeekoMiddleBuff49.37%  ⇗  50.49%0.85%  ⇗  2.17%
NeekoBottomBuff46.97%  ⇑  52.84%0.08%  ⇒  0.30%
NeekoSupportBuff48.14%  ⇗  49.33%0.27%  ⇒  0.60%
OrnnTopNerf51.98%  ⇓  48.72%15.25%  ⇓  8.49%
OrnnMiddleNerf50.76%  ⇓  47.65%1.75%  ⇘  0.83%
RammusJungleNerf51.59%  ⇒  50.86%2.89%  ⇒  2.43%
SettTopNerf51.79%  ⇘  49.67%12.84%  ⇘  10.74%
SettJungleNerf53.26%  ⇘  50.82%2.28%  ⇒  1.96%
SettMiddleNerf52.16%  ⇘  50.73%1.51%  ⇒  1.37%
SivirBottomBuff48.25%  ⇗  49.86%1.99%  ⇗  3.34%
SonaSupportBuff47.91%  ⇑  52.30%2.27%  ⇗  2.82%


  • Graves: Finally on the way back up? A nice WR bump and an even nicer PR bump for ole' cigar.

  • Kayn: Always fun when a buff drops a champion's WR. PR is up a good bit though, which usually means the WR boost is to follow in a patch or two.

  • Neeko: Worth keeping an eye on Neeko Top/ADC, as these buffs were huge for on-hit builds. That bot-lane WR is spicy, but the sample is just too small to say anything definitive just yet.

  • Ornn: Finally got hit with his own hammer, and well deserved, in this writer's totally biased opinion. After terrorizing solo queue for a few patches now, Ornn plummets over 3% WR and drops nearly have his PR within a week.

  • Sett: Another round of nerfs for our favorite anime villain. Looks like top and jungle were hit roughly equally, while middle was less affected.

  • Sona: Her metrics the last few patches have been more bipolar than my mental state during solo queue. her current stats seen healthy, but who knows if this is where she'll land.



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