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The Review: Patch 9.05 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

LeagueofLegends13 - The Review: Patch 9.05 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

Hey all! Welcome back to The Review, where I use charts and numbers to talk about what Riot's most recent balance patch actually affected, and by how much.

Much like last patch, 9.05 focuses more heavily on individual champion tuning than large-scale item/rune changes, with only a few tweaks coming in on those fronts. Some exciting changes were made to Kayle and Vi (and slightly less exciting ones to Morgana), and we'll take a look to see how builds are performing on them below.

Simple Champion Changes:

ChampionRoleChangeWR 9.04 ⇒ WR 9.05PR 9.04 ⇒ PR 9.05
AkaliTopBuff45.92%   ⇑   49.25%1.15%   ⇗   2.30%
AkaliMiddleBuff41.57%   ⇑   45.29%1.07%   ⇗   2.53%
Cho'GathTopBuff47.60%   ⇗   49.29%1.48%   ⇒   1.55%
Dr. MundoTopBuff46.72%   ⇗   48.12%1.25%   ⇒   1.51%
GangplankTopBuff47.59%   ⇗   49.93%3.43%   ⇗   4.89%
GravesJungleBuff48.25%   ⇗   49.86%4.69%   ⇒   5.27%
JhinBottomBuff48.71%   ⇗   49.84%7.65%   ⇒   8.26%
MorganaMiddleMini-Rework51.55%   ⇑   54.14%0.88%   ⇗   3.17%
MorganaSupportMini-Rework49.81%   ⇗   51.18%11.45%   ⇑   20.99%
Nunu & WillumpJungleNerf54.60%   ⇘   52.40%5.18%   ⇒   4.11%
RakanSupportBuff46.58%   ⇒   47.41%2.27%   ⇗   3.86%
SkarnerJungleBuff49.37%   ⇒   50.12%0.66%   ⇗   2.43%
SylasTopChange49.26%   ⇒   49.62%6.34%   ⇒   5.56%
SylasJungleChange47.81%   ⇒   48.60%2.72%   ⇒   2.83%
SylasMiddleChange50.06%   ⇒   50.84%7.24%   ⇒   7.82%
TryndamereTopBuff47.62%   ⇗   49.89%3.36%   ⇒   3.52%
YorickTopNerf52.79%   ⇘   51.37%8.88%   ⇘   5.75%


  • Akali: Looks like Riot is holding true to their promise of bringing Akali back into relevance, as her WR Top approaches respectable levels once again.

  • Graves: 3 AD taketh, and 3 AD giveth once more. Funny what a simple stat adjustment can do. Graves is nowhere near his old levels of dominance, but a healthy 2% WR jump gets him back on track.

  • Morgana: The VGU did a good job of modernizing Morgana's iconic kit, but may have added a bit too much power. Seeing large WR bumps in both middle and bot, while sporting a whopping 21% PR at support indicates the minor nerfs on the PBE might be justified.

  • Nunu (and also Willump): Well deserved nerfs, as this champion had been downright destructive in solo queue for several patches, maintaining a top 2 WR in the game for a month+.

  • Sylas: On a consistent upward trend since his release. A small power reallocation to push people away from tank Sylas, but his WRs continue to climb in across all 3 roles.


The Change:

champion kayle morgana - The Review: Patch 9.05 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

Full Rework

Kayle Top Item Win Rates by Slot, Patch 9.05

Item1st Slot WR2nd Slot WR3rd Slot WR
Nashor's Tooth50.07%53.90%59.53%
Hextech Gunblade51.47%54.79%59.57%
Guinsoo's Rageblade49.81%53.12%58.87%
Blade of the Ruined King52.91%52.86%58.58%
Wit's End51.26%52.72%56.94%
Trinity Force51.14%
Lich Bane54.64%60.39%
Rylai's Crystal Scepter53.14%58.26%
Runaan's Hurricane56.38%
Phanton Dancer54.51%60.61%
Rabadon's Deathcap62.46%

TL;DR: There's been some chatter about Crit Kayle, but for the time being the vast majority of players still go the on-hit/AP route, and to decent success. Most common path is Nashor's ⇒ Rageblade ⇒ Gunblade, while the best performing is Nashor's ⇒ Gunblade ⇒ Deathcap. Looking at the WRs by column really shows how much Kayle scales as she adds items, averaging ~51%, ~54% and ~59% at 1/2/3 items respectively.  


The Change:

Small Changes to Full Kit

Vi Jungle Item Win Rates by Slot, Patch 9.05

Item1st Slot WR2nd Slot WR3rd Slot WR
Enchantment: Warrior53.03%56.86%
Trinity Force55.51%56.68%60.63%
Enchantment: Cinderhulk49.70%
The Black Cleaver51.50%59.56%
Sterak's Gage51.67%59.84%
Guardian Angel58.71%61.77%
Dead Man's Plate45.40%56.83%
Maw of Malmortius56.77%

TL;DR: At least to my surprise, the changes to Vi's kit didn't alter her build… at all really. I was on the lookout to see if she'd favor Attack Speed or Health any more on this patch after the passive shield changes, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Carry on building her the same way, and enjoy the increase in power (WR 51.59% -> 52.73%).  

A Quick Note About Neeko:

I had a whole table-based rant prepared for how "powered" on-hit Neeko is, but Riot stepped in the night before last and pushed a rare late-patch hotfix to bring her AS scaling down a few pegs. As a result, most of the data from this patch doesn't really reflect her current power level, and the hotfix hasn't been out long enough to aggregate new data. Pending on how strong she looks, I may revisit this on 9.06.


LoLTheory - The Review: Patch 9.05 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers


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