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The Review: Patch 9.10 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

LeagueofLegends1 - The Review: Patch 9.10 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

Hey all! Welcome back to The Review, where I use charts and numbers to talk about what Riot's most recent balance patch actually affected, and by how much.

Well, we're finally up to double digit patches on season 9. This was a pretty diverse one, with at least a few changes in nearly every category. Highlights include long-awaited nerfs to Riven and Vayne, the addition of Yuumi, and Rageblade changes.

Simple Champion Changes:

Champion Change Role WR 9.9  ⇒  WR 9.10 PR 9.9  ⇒  PR 9.10
Brand Buff Support 49.25%  ⇗  50.47% 3.91%  ⇒  4.11%
Caitlyn Buff Bottom 48.88%  ⇒  49.51% 12.63%  ⇒  13.34%
Fiora QoL Top 48.75%  ⇒  49.11% 6.34%  ⇒  6.1%
Graves Buff Jungle 48.57%  ⇒  48.77% 3.32%  ⇒  4.34%
Master Yi Mini-Rework Jungle 51.44%  ⇒  50.71% 8.18%  ⇒  8.89%
Riven Nerf Top 52.23%  ⇘  50.28% 11.71%  ⇘  8.91%
Shaco Change Jungle 50.98%  ⇒  51.34% 3.55%  ⇒  3.71%
Soraka Buff Support 50.17%  ⇗  51.71% 9.17%  ⇒  7.13%
Tryndamere Buff Top 48.8%  ⇑  51.51% 2.66%  ⇒  3.19%
Vayne Nerf Top 50.9%  ⇘  48.79% 1.81%  ⇒  1.89%
Vayne Nerf Bottom 51.67%  ⇘  49.68% 21.01%  ⇘  16.02%
Xin Zhao Buff Jungle 49.43%  ⇗  50.7% 3.64%  ⇒  5.8%
Zyra QoL/Buff Support 51.34%  ⇒  51.56% 4.69%  ⇒  4.23%


  • Riven: Finally gets the nerf reddit's been asking for for months, and it doesn't disappoint. Knocks her WR down significantly, though her PR has largely remained intact… for now.

  • Tryndamere: Quite the change in WR for one second off his E cooldown. PR hasn't really moved though, meaning that this buff may be going under the radar.

  • Vayne: A sorely needed hit to Vayne's early (level 6) power spike , and it appears to have had the desired effect, knocking her WR and PR down a few pegs without totally crushing her.

  • Xin Zhao: Solid compensation for a champion that's been really struggling after the scuttle crab changes. He's not the force he used to be, but this buff brings Xin back to a playable level, at the very least.



The Change:

Does Not Exist ⇒ Exists


WR of Items on Yuumi by Slot, Patch 9.10

Item Built 1st Built 2nd Built 3rd
Remnant of the Watchers 36.25% 44.76% 54.22%
Redemption 37.46% 48.04% 55.21%
Athene's Unholy Grail 45.34% 47.76% 55.06%
Ardent Censer 41.22% 50.46% 53.29%
Twin Shadows 47.01% 52.96%
Mikael's Crucible 56.09%

Notes: Looks like your best bet is to stack support/shielding items as fast as possible, pushing your Remnant completion off until your 4th item. This does appear to be the standard, though a significant portion of Yuumis finish Remnant earlier. Yuumi has a couple weird quirks to her set-up, such as…

Champion Role WR with Flash WR without Flash
Yuumi Support 35.24% 41.49%

Given these numbers, it's clear that Yuumi performs better running multiple combat summoners over Flash, but nonetheless, ~30% of players keep the standard Flash+1 setup currently. Obviously Yuumi's overall performance is still subpar, but things like this make it difficult to tell how much is champion weakness and how much is people simply not finding the optimal playstyles just yet.

Guinsoo's Rageblade:

The Changes:

PHANTOM HIT FREQUENCY: Every 2 attacks ⇒ Every 3 attacks

ARMOR PENETRATION: 6% (+0.5% per level, 15% max) ⇒ 15%

MAGIC PENETRATION: 6% (+0.5% per level, 15% max) ⇒ 15%


WRΔ by Slot of Guinsoo's Rageblade on Core Users, Patch 9.10

Champion Role 1st Item WRΔ 2nd Item WRΔ 3rd Item WRΔ
Jax Top 0.87%
Kai'Sa Bottom -0.07%
Kayle Top -0.58% -0.66% 1.00%
Kogmaw Bottom 1.00% -1.62% -0.01%
Master Yi Jungle -0.57% -0.41%
Neeko Top -3.17% -0.99%
Tryndamere * Top 1.21% 1.59%
Varus Bottom -0.58% 0.17% 1.08%
Vayne * Top -2.43% -1.71%
Vayne * Bottom -1.66% -1.21%

Tryndamere and Vayne received individual buffs/nerfs respectively, which are also influencing these WRs

TL;DR: I went with WRΔ here primarily due to how insignificant the changes were as a whole. Generally, if Rageblade was good in a specific build last patch, it still is now. One thing to note is that the item appears to have taken comparatively less of a hit later in builds, so there may be cases where you find yourself waiting to built it third rather than second going forward.


LoLTheory - The Review: Patch 9.10 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

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