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The Review: Patch 9.7 Balance Change Analysis By the Numbers

LeagueofLegends12 - The Review: Patch 9.7 Balance Change Analysis By the Numbers

Hey all! Welcome back to The Review, where I use charts and numbers to talk about what Riot's most recent balance patch actually affected, and by how much.

Patch 9.7 was pretty diverse, with small-medium changes to a number of champions, items, and runes. Nothing particularly meta-shaping, but we could see some disruption in the top lane after buffs to multiple tanks. I'm sticking to the trend of keeping these short, so I picked out the changes that looked most interesting in Wit's End and the Domination tree changes.

Simple Champion Changes:

ChampionRoleChangeWR 9.6 ⇒ WR 9.7PR 9.6 ⇒ PR 9.7
AzirMiddleBuff46.17%   ⇒   46.86%2.18%   ⇗   3.21%
Cho'GathTopBuff48.69%   ⇗   49.64%1.46%   ⇗   2.49%
Dr. MundoTopBuff45.87%   ⇑   48.62%1.19%   ⇑   5.30%
Dr. MundoJungleBuff42.97%   ⇑   46.46%0.12%   ⇗   1.10%
GarenTopBuff48.46%   ⇗   50.57%3.43%   ⇗   5.11%
KayleTopNerf55.27%   ⇘   53.23%13.04%   ⇘   9.98%
KayleMiddleNerf52.94%   ⇘   51.27%1.39%   ⇒   1.61%
LeonaSupportBuff49.18%   ⇒   49.59%6.48%   ⇒   7.51%
LissandraMiddleNerf49.79%   ⇓   46.90%8.25%   ⇓   4.41%
MorganaMiddleNerf53.87%   ⇘   52.99%2.96%   ⇒   3.12%
MorganaSupportNerf51.11%   ⇘   50.30%15.90%   ⇒   13.60%
PykeSupportBuff48.24%   ⇗   49.37%8.23%   ⇒   9.96%
RumbleTopBuff49.26%   ⇗   50.96%1.85%   ⇗   3.08%
SylasTopNerf49.50%   ⇓   44.80%4.37%   ⇘   2.81%
SylasJungleNerf47.88%   ⇓   40.90%2.82%   ⇘   1.61%
SylasMiddleNerf50.97%   ⇓   45.44%7.51%   ⇘   4.96%
UrgotTopNerf52.44%   ⇘   50.58%10.21%   ⇘   6.91%
UrgotJungleNerf50.06%   ⇘   48.51%3.11%   ⇘   2.03%


  • Kayle: Nerfs to her base stats for the second patch in a row, this time knocking her down by ~2%. Still a very strong performer, especially in the top lane.

  • Lissandra: A huge hit to solo queue Lissandra, tanking her WR and halving her PR all at once. She may finally leave the mid lane solo queue meta at all but the highest elos now.

  • Morgana: While I thought these nerfs would target her mid-lane performance, it actually appears to have had about an equal impact in both mid and support, losing just under 1% WR in each role.

  • Sylas: Yet another nerf, and this one may have been a little extreme. Sylas's WRs plummet in all 3 roles, and he becomes nigh unplayable in the jungle in his current state.

Wit's End:

The Change:

TOTAL COST: 2400 gold ⇒ 2900 gold

BUILD PATH: Recurve Bow + Negatron Cloak + Dagger + 380 gold ⇒ Recurve Bow + Negatron Cloak + >Dagger + 880 gold

ATTACK SPEED: 40% ⇒ 50%



ON-HIT DAMAGE: 42 ⇒ 15-80 (levels 1-18)

NEW – HEALTH STEAL: Heal for the amount of on-hit damage dealt by Wit's End (33% effective for ranged) when the item holder is below half health


REMOVED – MAGIC RESIST STEAL: Basic attacks no longer steal 6 magic resist (3 for ranged), up to 30

Wit's End Core Users WR by Slot Built, 9.7 (N 500+, PR>0.03)

ChampionRole1st Slot WR2nd Slot WR3rd Slot WR
Master YiJungle54.94%64.65%

TL;DR: This is exactly what you love to see in an item rework. Generally the same users as the old Wit's End, but a significantly more broad set of use cases, and much better performance to boot. Looking like people build it most commonly as a third item, but it's not a bad choice second either.  

Domination 2nd Row Changes:

The Change:

patch 97 notes#patch runes - The Review: Patch 9.7 Balance Change Analysis By the Numbers

Reworks to Eyeball Collection, Ghost Poro, and Zombie Ward

Option WR by Role, Patch 9.7

RoleEyeball CollectionZombie WardGhost Poro

Notes: I wanted to take a quick look at these, after the patch notes caught my eye last week. Even though Eyeball collection is currently the most popular of the three for nearly all champions, it's actually looking like Ghost Poro is performing better for solo laners in general, while Zombie Ward is the ideal pick for the vision control roles. We'll have to wait and see what happens to the WRs as the pick rates adjust, but it's interesting nonetheless.  


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