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The Review: Patch 9.8 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

LeagueofLegends4 - The Review: Patch 9.8 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers

Hey all! Welcome back to The Review, where I use charts and numbers to talk about what Riot's most recent balance patch actually affected, and by how much.

Overall a pretty straightforward patch, with most changes being direct champion tweaks, but one theme does seem more prevalent than the rest. Buffs to Gnar, Nautilus, Singed, and Trundle may bring tanks back into a lane that's been extremely carry-centric since the rework of Conqueror.

Simple Champion Changes:

ChampionRoleChangeWR 9.07 ⇒ WR 9.08PR 9.07 ⇒ PR 9.08
AmumuJungleBuff48.78%  ⇗   51.49%2.35%  ⇑   5.39%
CamilleTopBuff50.14%  ⇗   51.15%2.61%  ⇒   2.92%
CamilleJungleBuff47.44%  ⇒   47.72%0.86%  ⇒   1.05%
CassiopeiaMiddleBuff49.23%  ⇒   49.47%1.76%  ⇒   2.10%
FioraTopBuff47.09%  ⇗   48.60%4.53%  ⇗   7.10%
GnarTopBuff48.60%  ⇒   49.08%2.15%  ⇗   3.80%
JhinBottomBuff49.15%  ⇒   49.74%7.18%  ⇗   9.10%
KayleTopNerf53.20%  ⇓   50.88%9.82%  ⇘   6.76%
KaynJungleBuff48.84%  ⇒   48.64%8.16%  ⇗   12.19%
Master YiJungleBuff51.79%  ⇒   52.02%8.15%  ⇒   8.83%
NautilusTopBuff48.63%  ⇑   51.42%0.65%  ⇑   1.82%
NautilusSupportBuff48.70%  ⇑   51.63%3.74%  ⇑   8.52%
OrnnTopBuff47.48%  ⇗   49.11%1.83%  ⇗   3.04%
RenektonTopBuff48.88%  ⇗   49.89%6.87%  ⇗   10.51%
SejuaniJungleBuff47.76%  ⇑   50.33%3.18%  ⇗   5.77%
SingedTopBuff47.97%  ⇑   50.58%1.44%  ⇒   1.90%
TrundleTopBuff44.96%  ⇑   47.77%0.57%  ⇒   1.01%
TrundleJungleBuff47.99%  ⇑   49.84%0.70%  ⇒   1.28%
ZedMiddleNerf52.36%  ⇘   50.23%13.36%  ⇒   13.30%


  • Kayle: The nerfs keep coming, and this one looks like it really hurt. PR took a big hit, and with WR numbers where they are I'd expect it to keep falling for a little while.

  • Nautilus: Big buffs for Summoner's Rift's resident Big Daddy. WR spiking ~3% in both roles, while PR more than doubles as well. Nautilus is back as a sneaky-strong pick on either side of the map.

  • Sejuani: Woah, this one caught me off guard a little. Her buff didn't seem too big to me at first, but the numbers don't lie. +2% WR and 2x the PR means Sejuani is slowly but surely moving back up the jungle tier list.

  • Trundle: Trundle lives! Well, sort of. He's still not good, but this latest round of buffs pushed his WR up into a more acceptable area. This data doesn't take matchup into account either, and in a patch where multiple tanks got buffed, Trundle may start to see strong use cases.

  • Zed: Solid nerfs knock his WR down a few pegs, settling in at just over 50%. Unsurprisingly, his PR didn't move an inch.



The Change:

GRILLED RAZORBEAK: Deals 200% ⇒ 300% bonus magic damage to minions and monsters

Performance of Cinderhulk on Popular Users, Patch 9.7 ⇒ 9.8 (Cinderhulk PR > 30%, n>1000)

ChampionRoleItemCH WR 9.07 ⇒ WR 9.08CH PR 9.07 ⇒ PR 9.08
AmumuJungleCinderhulk(Blue)48.77%  ⇑   52.25%59.44%  ⇗   63.54%
Dr. MundoJungleCinderhulk(Red)46.34%  ⇗   48.24%72.68%  ⇒   72.10%
Nunu & WillumpJungleCinderhulk(Blue)53.86%  ⇒   54.02%33.76%  ⇒   36.58%
Nunu & WillumpJungleCinderhulk(Red)51.84%  ⇒   52.38%61.01%  ⇒   59.17%
OlafJungleCinderhulk(Blue)46.48%  ⇗   48.54%50.10%  ⇒   54.52%
RammusJungleCinderhulk(Blue)51.34%  ⇒   51.78%77.56%  ⇒   78.67%
SejuaniJungleCinderhulk(Blue)48.08%  ⇑   50.68%91.67%  ⇒   91.29%
SkarnerJungleCinderhulk(Blue)49.99%  ⇒   49.14%48.20%  ⇒   52.67%
VolibearJungleCinderhulk(Blue)49.62%  ⇒   49.51%91.36%  ⇒   91.39%
WarwickJungleCinderhulk(Blue)48.63%  ⇒   48.72%40.67%  ⇒   41.66%
ZacJungleCinderhulk(Blue)48.06%  ⇒   47.82%95.53%  ⇒   95.72%

TL;DR: This change was actually supposed to come through last patch, but only made its way into the notes, not the actual balance changes. Guess that explains why the WRs didn't move last patch. Unfortunately, even with the actual buff, WRs don't appear to have moved much. Keep in mind that Amumu and Sejuani both received large individual buffs on top of cinderhulk changes.


Coup de Grace:

The Change:

REMOVED: ADAPTIVE FORCE No longer grants 9 bonus attack damage or 15 ability power for 10 seconds on champion takedown

BONUS DAMAGE: 7% ⇒ 8% (to champions below 40% max health)

Coup de Grace WR by Role vs Alternatives, Patch 9.8

RoleCoup de GraceCut DownLast Stand

Notes: Coup de Grace has been essentially the default selection for its row since release, primarily because of its adaptive force bonus on kills. With that gone, it now provides a similar bonus to its alternatives, so I figured it'd be worth taking a look to see if the other options are worth running. The results are interesting, especially in the top lane, where Last Stand is outperforming Coup by a significant margin, and on a pretty big sample size (run ~35% as often as Coup de Grace). This doesn't necessarily mean Last Stand is the meta, but it does mean there's now a conscious decision to be made in this row, at least for playing on the top half of the map.



LoLTheory - The Review: Patch 9.8 Balance Change Analysis by the Numbers


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