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The screenshot that summarises why bot is the way it is.

LeagueofLegends9 - The screenshot that summarises why bot is the way it is.

This screenshot summarises all the botlane issues of the last year.

I'll quote in text format here too:

Patch 10.8:

At levels 1-6, a champion's solo kills grant 20% more experience and assisted kills grant 20% less experience. At levels 7-8, these numbers are reduced to 10%.

Patch 9.23:

Minion solo experience increased to 93% from 92%.

Minion shared experience reduced to 116% from 120%.

What was the context for these changes?

  • 9.23 changes were to help top, which felt low-agency at the time. However it is obvious that solo-XP buffs and shared-XP nerfs would end up buffing mid more than anything, being the closest role to the XP-deprived botlane, full of champs that already counter ADCs, making mid the role that prays on the underlevelled ADC the most by far.
  • Toplaners being overlevelled makes sense and it makes up for their lack of early map impact, they're mostly melees that need to soak up a ton of dmg while they go in. Darius needs to be ahead in xp to not get melted in teamfights, Syndra/Fizz don't, them hitting lv11 while Ashe is lv8 is an unnecessary gift.
  • 10.8 is the funny one: it was a change to encourage solo killing in proplay instead of just waiting for ganks, and then Riot said in the patch notes "we understand reducing shared-kill XP might hurt junglers, we'll react accordingly". But they didn't mention anything about how this would completely gut botlane XP gains. Botlane had to pay the price because junglers were ganking too much early on.

Now I know the usual counter-argument: "it's fair that botlane is XP-deprived because Ashe+Leona are two players and Viktor is only one player, so when they fight is not lv8 vs lv11, it's lv8+lv8 vs lv11".


Allow me to explain why this is absolute bollocks: League isn't about solo laners trying to 1v2 ADC+Supp, it's about skirmishes and teamfights where both teams try to match the same number of champs as the enemy, whether it's 3v3, 5v5, etc. Viktor is ALSO allowed to pair up with teammates in fights, just because he's laning alone, doesn't mean he has to fight in minority fights. In fact if the support is smart, he'll choose to support the lv11 carry instead of the lv8 one in fights where both are present.

Being 3 levels up is equivalent to an extra 1800g from stats (without even considering ability level-ups). When the dragon fight starts, as a solo laner you'll have this raw power advantage over your ADC, even if you both have the same KDA and farm.

Now, botlane is already balanced around lower XP gains, so you can't just give them full XP gains anymore, however a part-revert to the XP gutting from 9.23/10.8 should be considered, instead of permabuffing ADC items to make up for their chronic low stats.

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