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The shameful state of Latinamerican Esports Administration

LeagueofLegends5 - The shameful state of Latinamerican Esports Administration

Please I ask you to focus on the subject. Worlds is irrelevant in this situation.

I'm writing this post to explain the awful situation in which Promotion/Relegations in LATAM are made this year due to the current pandemic. First, i need to give context on how local leagues work:

Latinamerican regions works with a main league, LLA, played (at least this year) in Cd. Mex.. Mexico.

Then, the main countries haver their own National leagues: Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador. The winners of each National league had to play a Sub-regional tournament: Regional Norte (Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador), and Regional Sur (Argentina, Chile, Peru.

After this tournament, the winners were Estral Esports (Mexico) and Undead Gaming (Argentina). They were going to face Pixel Esports and Furious Gaming, currently playing in the LLA.

So then, Whats the deal?

Riot LATAM has been delaying the P/R tournament and pushing to make it in a presential event in Mexico City.

Meanwhile, LLA players that are going to play P/R have been in Mexico for 9 months, far from their families, unable to leave the country because they still had to play the relegation, but as you may know, many countries still have closed their airports. We all know this situations would not improve. Teams owners have been asking to cancel P/R since MAY with no response. And Riot just kept going on for it, delaying the matches until YESTERDAY, when they finally told to the TEAMS, that it was canceled until next year. And they finally told this to fans TODAY.

All the teams in the LLA have players from multiple countries, in this case:

Pix: 1 Arg, 1 Mex, 1 CR, 1PE, 1CL

Furious: 2 Arg, 1 CL, 1 CR, 1KR, 1Mex

So finally TODAY, 4 DAYS before the supposed date of the matches, players are able to fly to their countries after almost 30 DAYS LOCKED in a foreign country, training 8 hours a day agains the same team (
1311301285677805569 - The shameful state of Latinamerican Esports Administration

https://twitter.com/FG_GonzO/status/1311301285677805569) , because NA has no leagues going on, and it's impossible to train against South American teams due to ping issues.

Now, the format has a lot of inconsistencies so basically is not even finished, and anything can change until then.(https://lolesports.com/article/la-promoci-n-relegaci-n-se-posterga-al-2021/bltc52eac0e14d7cc3d)


Resume of the rules:

-Up to 8 teams competing for 2 places. (This is basically a shit show, depending on the results, the LLA could end with 6 teams or 2 LVP teams may defeat the LLA teams and still not be able to play in LLA depending on what riot decides)

-If ther winner of the LLA is on P/R they still have to play it. If they lose, they still have go play worlds, meaning that they will offically be a Tier 2 team. (https://twitter.com/RiotMaggical/status/1311405514346070017)

-Undead and Estral are obligated to play their respective legues.-P/R Could be play by 6 to 8 teams depending on the results next year.


-2 teams have been living locked in Mexico and far from their families for more than 9 months and 1 mont after the league finished and all the other teams started their vacations.

-Team Owners have been asking to cancel P/R sin MAY (https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srdssf)

-Teams were told Promotion/Relegation was cancelled 4 days before it was supposed to happen .

-The community is asking to expand the league to 10 spots but Riot Latam fuses to do it beacuse the budget is not enough (

Edit: The reason for not adding 2 spots is no monetary, since Estral and Aparently, Undead too, suggested to not receive a single dollar and pay the logistics themselves if Riot let them be part of the LLA. Riot refused because "They didn't win the spot" (https://twitter.com/Estral_Esports/status/1311475445913747457)

-Suspicions of censoring with fines (https://twitter.com/Followowojg/status/1311114393896312832)

Sorry for my bad english btw i just find this situation unfair for the players 🙁

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