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The State Of Talon Skins (Broken Promises By Riot & More) Did Riot Start Favoring quantity over quality in order to Release more skins per year?

LeagueofLegends1 - The State Of Talon Skins (Broken Promises By Riot & More) Did Riot Start Favoring quantity over quality in order to Release more skins per year?


Hi before you read this i know that Talon is not the most liked champion in the community i would like you To Keep An open mind when reading this , please read this to the end before giving any feedback as i believe no champion should ever get treated like this or his community being lied to like this

In 2020 Riot Promised That They Will Be Making More Skins In 2020 Than they normally do (In 2021 they promised that they will be making even more skins)

And That They will try to give more attention to the champions getting no love from riot

(this can mean buffs ,skins,bug fixes etc…)

The list of these champs was tweeted by mark yetter on Twitter 29/9/2019

Tweet Link: https://twitter.com/MarkYetter/status/1177015559851888640/photo/1

Now after they said that did they start favoring quantity over quality?

First Skin:

Couple of months later "black wood talon" Was Released on Pbe


  1. The Talon Community Made it loud and clear that they wanted A skin with a hood as talon didn't receive a single skin with a hood since his rework in 2017
  2. The Face of the skin looked nothing like talon and looked more like ezreal


3.Deformed Face


4-Arm Blade is on the opposite hand in the splash art


There are some other things but you can debate that they are personal preference including how his arm blade looks like

Broken Promise #1

After the feedback and that we all wanted a hood a ritor promised us that the next skin will have a hood.


Second Skin:


1.No Hood



2.He gets a shared splash art where he gets 30% of the splash attention (you already know that they made him crouch so syndra hands can be visible)


3-This face is not talon's face its kayn's face….


4-deformed Face again..


5-his arm blade is so small like actually what is this ? XD


6-the abilities looks feels and looks like blackwood talon

Broken Promise #2


Thread link: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeaguePBE/comments/l1q50r/113_pbe_bugs_feedback_thread_withered_rose_talon/

as you can see here they promised yet another changes,the arm blade size did not change nor did anything with the splash art (yes they actually didn't change anything they even gave us an exact date on when the arm blade is going to change and they did nothing just like that)

1-no community should ever be lied to like that (twice) with no explanation what so ever.

2-why are there pbe skin feedback threads when you never change anything?

When i wait a year and a half i expect a good skin but since they started making a lot more skins per year the skins have been disappointing (this is the case for other champions as well this is not limted to talon)

i am heavily dissapointed that the promises by riot doesn't mean anything and that the feedback doesn't mean anything to them and that i was lied to like that TWICE.

ik its too late to change anything for this skin now since its on the live servers but what i hope is after another year of waiting i dont have to deal with this again

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