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The Tyler1 Issue.

LeagueofLegends6 - The Tyler1 Issue.

Hello Reddit, I know I'm not very popular here but please read through this first. I've gotten automated replies when using the riot support ticket system (
KR2i7tJ - The Tyler1 Issue.

https://imgur.com/a/KR2i7tJ) . This post is mainly concerned with how Riot enforces the rules with me as an example and a famous streamer (Tyler1).

I'm Masterfiend (the trackpad challenger guy) and you've probably heard Tyler1 rage about me on his stream. You've probably also seen me plug my stream with qtpie for a while (it was for the memes, met him at twitch con and we laughed about it. Recently you might have seen several games of me playing off-meta champs with Tyler1 on my team. Although I was playing to win, Tyler1 was very upset with me. Yassuo somewhat addresses the issues in this clip:
HyperObliqueLaptopTheTarFu - The Tyler1 Issue.

https://clips.twitch.tv/HyperObliqueLaptopTheTarFu (by soft inting, pretty sure he’s referring to how I chose off-meta picks when I was matched with him, I can count 3 times where I picked something off meta on his team, go through my match history if you want).

Recently I was 14 day banned for playing this game with him (only 1 game in the report card):

Picture of the ban:

25848742?tab=overview - The Tyler1 Issue.


picture of match history for mobile:

In the picture you can see that I went 2/10/8 on Veigar support. A pretty bad KDA of 1.00. I didn't think much of it, I play veigar support all the time as you can see here:
mnIW3Gj - The Tyler1 Issue.


Clip that a friend sent me saying that he was “working on me” (you can guess at what this may mean)
BlatantIgnorantGalagoAllenHuhu - The Tyler1 Issue.


The game itself I did a little review over so you can be the judge of it if you want to


A major thing I want to address though is that Tyler1 was indefinitely banned at one point. Riot said that if he gets another penalty they would re-ban him. As of 2 days ago he was chat restricted on stream again (
https://i.imgur.com/vb5JmNS.png )

Here are some other examples of his behavior and things that would be considering "off-meta":

Flaming Xmithie thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/b60itb/tyler1_flaming_xmithie/

Ivern adc:
cF6ae3Z - The Tyler1 Issue.


0/9 kindred adc:
Twuk8sd - The Tyler1 Issue.


predator heimerdinger:
Y1iUryE - The Tyler1 Issue.


yi adc + champ select threats:
wZRoGLh - The Tyler1 Issue.


janna adc:
KjyRdOf - The Tyler1 Issue.


recent vayne game where he said he was going to run it down:
pkeb904 - The Tyler1 Issue.


TardyFunnyBaboonGivePLZ - The Tyler1 Issue.


just today, 0/7 sona adc:

4/18 annie:
hilvt1k - The Tyler1 Issue.


There's more but the middle 3 screenshots were from off-stream. Even though it's silly, I'd be ok with my punishment if the rules were enforced with Tyler1’s behavior.

Last time I posted here on reddit about how he's been intentionally feeding/soft inting, everyone defended him and said that you can't get banned for off-meta picks.

link to last reddit thread, just read the comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8jjdz2/tyler1_picked_yi_adc_and_kindred_adc_2_games_in_a/

this is the response I got when I sent a support ticket about the situation:
fjgIU8x - The Tyler1 Issue.


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