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The word “inting” has lost its original meaning

LeagueofLegends5 - The word "inting" has lost its original meaning

I just want to make a point here about language in LoL, which I think is a huge part of the negative and positive aspects of this game, and we all should agree to use the correct words to express certain concepts.

"Inting" was a word originally used to describe someone that is, as the word specifically says, intentionally dies throughout the course of a game, feeding the enemy team and basically trolling. This is a behavior that we still see from time to time (I'm a EUW player), but nowadays the word inting is used universally in a lot of contexts where it's original definition does not apply.

Lately, I've been really worried for the use of this word, which now just means "dying". When you die because you facecheck a brush without vision, you are inting. When you position yourself wrong in a teamfight focusing the enemy tank, you are inting. Now, even when you miss a cannon creep under turret you are inting. Inting is now the joker for all undesired outcomes in a game, and can be used no matter the context.

The real problem started when streamers, influencers and proplayers started using the word left and right. Especially, when proplayers started saying: "Well, my jungler was inting that game", was when I started being worried about this topic. There is no way that a professional player in a competitive match in Worlds is intentionally dying, however, he could be making some mistakes and dying, or feeding the enemy team, but those words are not used anymore.


I decided to make this post after listening to Divephoria (Worlds group stage episode 2019), because now even the desk analyst are saying inting = dying, and this is certainly not right. I'm aware that the vocabulary used is heavily influenced by the common player practices, but this has a hidden message that is dangerous: If you make any mistake, in any situation, you are intentionally losing the game and that is not allowed in LoL, which greatly differs from the Make mistakes –> Improve aspect of the game.

This is even more a problem when we have a report selection which is "Intentionally feeding the enemy team", which now has no true meaning because inting is used literally everywhere, and therefore, the true "inters" that we have in-game are more rarely punished, as it has been post previously.

I hope that we, as a community, understand the implications of our language, and how it can heavily influence the mentality of our players. I'm sure that we can make an effort to call every thing by its true name, because we all make mistakes.

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