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The wrong way to nerf support items

LeagueofLegends10 - The wrong way to nerf support items


– The buddy system for support items actively hurts support economy

– The buddy system for support items actively hurts the vision game and objective control

– Change the buddy system to a timer, being near an ally every minute, to fix a lot of these issues


Actual text:

So, all of you support mains out there probably know the feeling of seeing people in solo queue using support items when not playing support: "Oh god, here we go again. We're going to get nerved again."

Cause that's what happens when another lane starts using support items, Riot dislikes it and nerfs the items (which makes sense in a way). However, there's a big problem with this: you also tend to nerf all the supports who use that item at the same time.

I think punishing support cause some other lane used some wonky strats is dumb to begin with, but most changes were kind of understandable so I guess we all just moved on.

This last change was ridiculous though. Riot calls it in their patch notes 'the buddy system'.

(This means some support items cant proc without an ally near)

Now, this sounds reasonable but it has 2 insane drawbacks:

– if the adc dies a lot (either due to being focused or because they're inting) you're destroying the economy of one of the already lowest econ roles in the game

– if the support does not get their quest done, they don't get proper access to wards or a sweeping lens

Especially this last one has a big impact. I'm going to share some of my games with you to show you how impactful.

aufed51jgwh21 - The wrong way to nerf support items


As you can see, I had an amazing game here, but my Lucian did not (this isn't a 'bash the adc role' post so I'm not going to include why). The point here is, he was dead, a lot. I got my quest completed at 19 minutes because of this.

Disclaimer: my vision score on Vel'Koz is usually a bit lower, but the difference is still rather significant.


3vdf2oibewh21 - The wrong way to nerf support items


As a result, my vision score was pretty bad. Even with 12 control wards purchased. You will also see that my wards destroyed is pretty low.

Now take a look at a game where my adc wasn't dead a lot:

sxngpg0iewh21 - The wrong way to nerf support items


My vision score was 20 higher, I placed 8 extra wards, destroyed 5 extra wards and had to purchase 5 fewer control wards.

Here is another great example:

fi1b9gzxewh21 - The wrong way to nerf support items


These games are all roughly the same length.

The difference here is that I had access to my warding item at around 10 minutes (9 minutes earlier) which also meant I had access to a sweeping lens.

This means I am able to set up objectives, sweep enemy vision out and sink less gold into control wards that I'm replacing all over the place (in the last example I went a little crazy on the control wards cause they had a stealth champ).

The main point here is: because of the buddy system you're actively hurting supports and your entire team by taking away econ from a utility role as well as vision tools. On top of that, you're not actively giving the enemy the opportunity to destroy 1 team's vision by just focusing on killing the adc over and over again. This negates a lot of the diminishing returns of just focusing 1 player in the game.

I do have a solution though: we could change the buddy system to where it needs you to be near an ally once every minute. This would screw over other lanes using these items because the jungler would have to go to them every single minute (which is very exploitable because you know where they'll be) while not screwing over supports and your entire team if your adc has a bad day.

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