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Theory on who are Iceborn,Stormborn and Hearthborn in the Freljord

LeagueofLegends3 - Theory on who are Iceborn,Stormborn and Hearthborn in the Freljord

Basically with the release of Ashe Warmother Comic we learned more about what an Iceborn is and Riot waaARGHbobo was on the boards giving us more information and answering questions and in this post I'll like to enlighten you guys about what I learned about the Ice, Hearth and Storm Born in the Freljord and a little bit about Freljordians.


An Iceborn is a human with Super Human Strength, Stamina, Resilience, and Resistance to cold.In the Freljord there are over 100 Tribes and those from the Three sisters (Lissandra, Avarosa and Serylda) usually are born an Iceborn and examples of these are Braum, Ashe, Serylda Sejuani and Lissandra.Even if you're born an Iceborn like Ashe it doesn't mean you have all these traits immediatly, like holding an Iceborn weapon still hurts you and in the comic Ashe couldn't hold an Iceborn Axe when she tried to and even for an iceborn wielding one of these weapons is constant and sometimes intense pain– but also it is about the burden of responsibility for an iceborn to their tribe. " The Ice is not Pain it is Surrender" This an important prayer within the cult- often repeated as a mantra.

The Ice is not Pain but Surrender

Pure Elemental Weapons

We also learned that a True Ice Weapon like Ashe's bow is a Multiplier for the Users, Like Ashe has natural ability to use some magic, and The Weapon focuses on that and makes it stronger, it can also be used for other purposes such as Healing others like Brand's Mother did (Assuming she's an Iceborn, but if she was an Iceborn weapon would make her healing ability stronger). These weapons are elemtals and are lethal to most mortals and only a fire elemental can melt something like True Ice, like Ornn did in his story. But Brand wouldn't be able to, unless he has a pure elemental to help him. Which brings me to my other point on why Ornn can and other Fireborns can't do it so easily.


Freljord Demigods

Storm Born, Hearthborn, Iceborn

In the Freljord We mainly know of 3 Demigods, Ornn, Anivia and Volibear.But if you read Ornn's Story and the Whole Update you'll learn a lot, like How Volibear's piss made a river (Ornn reference this ingame about bot and top river), Anivia made the Entire Freljord Cold and have snow, Ornn Was born first and wrestled with the Land making mountains, peaks and valleys and then we have the last one that is a Seal that is the Demigod of the cold sea. We don't know more about her sadly, old news aswell and it is said that Ornn has Sisters aka Anivia and the Seal and Brothers aka Volibear and…? Unless they just included Ornn himself or I missread it then there's probably a 5th but I think they are just four siblings which are: Volibear of Lightning & Storm, Anivia of Ice & snow , Ornn of Fire & Lava and The Seal of Water.

From the Boards I learned that there are Iceborn who would have the elemental magic of Anivia, Hearthborn which is the name of Fireborn in the Freljord who have the elemental of Fire from Ornn and then we have Stormborn or Lightning born who have the elemental of Volibear. Most of these are gifted or you're born with them naturally or your parents got them at some point like the 3 sisters and the it's passed down through generations. All of these have the same traits as an Iceborn does So once again Super Human Strength, Stamina, Resilience and Resistance to their elemental. And now here is the question I asked myself at the end of reading all of this and more.

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Who are The Stormborn/Hearthborn?

Fireborn Ornn & Stormborn Volibear


From Ornn's story and from the Rioter we can tell that most likely the ones that Forged true ice were Blacksmiths that were favored by Ornn and that learned from him, Rioter also said that aren't the best Blacksmiths fire born? which means that they most likely that they gained the power of Fire from him and since they are smiths and Fireborn its most likely that they made most of the Iceborn weapons back then, since the Comic implies most Iceborn weapons are rare and nobody but few know how to craft them, and the weapons are passed down through generations in the Freljord. So Most Fireborn/Hearthborn are:Ornn, Blacksmiths of Ornn, Brand, and maybe Tryndamere.


For brand I'm Just assuming that brand he is one and that when he used the World Rune it amplified his magic that he had from being his Mother's son and awakened him into what he is now and if you're lose, Yes Brand is from the Freljord, his mom was a mage/witch that healed a Tribe and once she died, the Tribe kicked Brand out, he got mad and burned it down after killing the chief, found Ryze, tried to learn how to use his Fire Magic and went mad when he did with the world Rune. This man needs a bio update and VO at this point. Poor Kegan Rodhe (That's his name).

Now let me explain why I think Tryndamere is a Fireborn, The Rioter himself said that:" Tryndamere is not hearthbound nor an Iceborn. Sorry can't reveal anything else about him at this time. "In the Freljord Hearthbound is used as a slur or insult to normal humans since they are inferior and weaker, the other name for basically a normal humans are warmbloods, which if Trynd isn't an Iceborn nor a normal human and he's from the Freljord, it means now that he's either a Stormborn or a Fireborn, and with The Aatrox rework he's not even a Demon only seen as one so Trynd's race wasn't affected by him like that either so I picked fireborn because his undying rage just sounds like fire to me ingame and I could see how his fury could be set a blaze if he gets a rework, Idk what else he could be otherwise especially if he has his chest out like Braum but isn't an Iceborn so how else is he that strong.

Stormborn Volibear


before I get into this one, I need to say that I am very excited for Volibear's rework since the release of Ornn and how they described the new Voli. Anyway Volibear's men are usually Stormborn but are also an Ursine.An Ursine isn't just a bear like Volibear anymore these are spiritwalkers usually connected to The Volibear that are a legion of half-bear abominations of warriors with the viciousness of ten berserkers each. Scary description to be honest… Basically sounds like an Ursine is Udyr + Olaf but worse.Now the only likely Stormborn outside of Volibear would have to be Olaf, mostly because he's based off Vikings of Norse Mythology and his E screams Thor and if he also gets a Bio updated and hopefully a VGU he would become one for you, The Rioter even said himself that he would like this, here's the Quote:" Personally, I'd love to see him as part of the Ursine. A spiritwalker connected to the Volibear and as a stormborn (lightning born?, Stormchild?) –basically integrate lighting and his status as berserker more into his kit, personality, lore, and model."

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Which brings me joy knowing Olaf could be so epic once he gets a VGU , Reasons why Olaf wants to fight to the death is not only because He's like a Viking and Valhalla and all that, in The Freljord a Male's role is to fight and protect the woman and children with their LIFE no matter what to protect their families and lineage and men often sworn themselves to Warmothers or other women from the Tribe and getting old of age and becoming a burden is frowned upon therefore it shows why Olaf seeks death in battle.

Now the other candidate would be Udyr, His master/mentor was also a spirit walker which is someone connected to the spirit world in a sense and can sense and hear spirits and souls and for udyr this would be the four animals he represents and nature itself as the land called to him at the end of his story. Once his mentor died Udyr just went into rage like a berserker would ofcourse this was due to him being the Spirit walker of Animals and mainly acted like a wolf howling and being territorial, I'm not if he would have been a spiritwalker to Volibear but you never know what Riot will do once he gets a VGU.


And last but not least most Creatures in the Freljord such as The Trolls (Trundle) and Yeti's (Willummp) Have natural born Magic to the elemental of the Freljord, so Trundle's lore may also be updated soon which the Rioter said the whole Freljord will get an update once the Ashe comics are over there are 2-3 left now and each come out 1 month apart I believe.Any thoughts on who else may be an Stormborn or Fireborn in the Freljord? I mean there aren't many, and outside of the Freljord Brand would just be a Fire mage/Pyro like Annie is, it's just how they named them. Like in the recent Demacian Heart short story that came out recently, a Little girl has Lightning Powers, somebody else has Powers of idk Plantborn?(think Zyra mage) and this kid Sylas awakened his power and killed everyone around him making them husks after his hands lit up. All of this and more makes me excited to see more Fireborn, Stormborn, Spiritwalkers and a Draklorn.(High ranking frost Priest/mage usually under Lissandra's rule)I'm going to leave you with a fun fact, in most tribes even if you're born an iceborn, you can't call yourself one untill you're able to hold onto an iceborn weapon.

Not Yet a True Iceborn

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