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There is a flaw in the ranked system that is placing new players into smurf queue

LeagueofLegends9 - There is a flaw in the ranked system that is placing new players into smurf queue

This is ruining games for many new players and they don't know where to go to talk about the problems because they are new. I just got my friend into the game and he was complaining about being placed with people who were much better than him and that his queues were last 10+ minutes.

And after investigation, I found the problem.

Riot scruffy tweeted this about a week ago. https://imgur.com/a/V3JFbHm

How smurf queue works is that it takes into account your visible rank and your mmr and if there is a big gap between it, it puts you into smurf queue.

Here comes the problem though. Riot by design in placements, puts your visible rank much lower than your MMR. Well the game now from the get-go picks you up as a smurf and you are now in smurf queue as a new player. And it just happens that most of the new accounts in league of legends are smurfs so the 1~2 unlucky actual new players are getting absolutely fucked.

This also applies if you are not new but playing ranked this time for the first time (after being ranked in previous seasons) because you have to go through placements and Riot applied soft reset at the beginning of the season meaning your visible ranked again is much lower than your mmr because you are in placements.

The system has the right intentions but it's causing indirect problems to new players and returning players who are playing ranked for the first time in season 10. There are way too many cases of non smurfing players getting placed in smurf queue. This change should have absolutely not happened when everyone is trying to rank up at for season awards and should have happened during pre season. The timing of this change more than anything baffles me.


Here is proof:


  • New player, playing ranked this season for the first time thrown into smurf queue due to how placements work. This player finally played enough games to get out of smurf queue but if you scroll down to this game -> https://imgur.com/gallery/uJvcGYq you can see that he was in smurf queue after 10.19 hit (all 9 other players were smurfs).


  • here is another player that was thrown into smurf queue from their first ranked game this season who was clearly not a smurf. Proving players who are in placements are getting thrown into smurf queue from the very beginning because placements by design put your visible rank way below your mmr.


  • match on the bottom was before 4 days ago and match on the top is after 10.19. A whole tier drop in average rank in game because this player was thrown into smurf queue


  • as you can see this account is new, and there is no way this system picked up that this player was a smurf in 12 games even if he was a smurf

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