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There is a player who cannot go to WCS due to a mistake of RiotJP.

LeagueofLegends6 - There is a player who cannot go to WCS due to a mistake of RiotJP.

I am a Japanese LoL player.

Please forgive me for using Google Translate.

Do you know the DFM of the Japanese team?

Ramune is in MID of DFM.

Ramune moved to DFM to go to WCS in 2019.

but DFM Ramune can't go to WCS Germany.

This is the announcement of RiotJP.


> ※Ramune選手は中国籍の為、Visaの申請が必要であり、Riot側での状況の動き出しに時間を要してしまったため、出発の日時に間に合わせることができず、途中からチームに合流する予定となりました。(尚、出場資格に関しては日本の永住権を取得している為、日本人枠としての資格を満たしております。)

>* Since Ramune is a Chinese national, application for Visa is required, and it took time to start the situation on the Riot side, so it was not possible to meet the departure date and time, and joined the team from the middle It was scheduled. (In addition, since it has acquired permanent residence in Japan with regard to entry qualifications, it satisfies the qualifications for Japanese.)

You can read as if you were unable to go because of Ramune's nationality.

Actually it is different.


>I can't go to Germany because of a visa problem as I wrote in ljl.

It will be a meeting from Spain, but I am very sorry that I cannot leave with everyone.


Also, I am sorry to inform you that my nationality is China.

I have been in Japan since I was a child and have been disgusting with being a Chinese national, so I couldn't take the first step.

I'm not the same as before, so I'd be happy if you could continue to support me.

Ramune did not disclose Chinese nationality to the Japanese community.

The Japanese community does not discriminate.

Ramune was bullied as a child because of Chinese nationality.

So Ramune did not announce nationality.

RiotJP announced even if Ramune dislikes it.

The Japanese community considers RiotJP to be a discrimination.

RiotJP announces its nationality to hide mistakes.

Ramune has a permanent residence in Japan.

Chinese nationality is only required for RiotJP procedures.

There is no need to announce your nationality.

Ramune went abroad at Worlds 2017, Rift Rivals 2017 and MSI2017.He went abroad in 2018.

RiotJP knew that Ramune was Chinese.

Ramune cannot go to WCS due to a mistake in RiotJP.

DFMEvi told me that RiotJP was dishonest.


Evi said Ramune and the team were not bad.

RiotJP says nothing to the community.

I heard that Ramune is crying.

RiotJP crushed Ramune in 2019.

The Japanese community does not discriminate.

Japanese support Ramune.

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