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There is WAY too much true damage in the game right now.

LeagueofLegends11 - There is WAY too much true damage in the game right now.

Disclaimer I hate tanks, I don’t think they’re fun to play against or as, I do not think an 0/4 Maokai should be able to solo a 4/0 Caitlyn like we’ve seen in the past. (But I understand the necessity) Also I thought conquerer was a good idea, until I saw it in practice and this shit is a disaster getting bigger. Regardless of nerfs it has seen. And ignite buffs + the fact that TP has a 7 hour cooldown, and you can’t cancel it anymore make it feel so much better to take. That is lame as shit. There can’t be SUCH a benefit to taking something so powerful.

But my fu*king lord the amount of true damage in the game right now is insane, I’m so fu*king sick of playing against this cheesy garbage with ignite. Like I don’t need a fu*king Darius doing my entire health bar at level 3 just from an auto and a W, his passive, ignite, and a conquer proc.


I could go down the fu*king line man it’s insane how much power is in the early game for champions that have some form of true damage in their kit, use conquerer, and bring ignite. It’s not fu*king fun and it isn’t balanced.

I'm ALSO not opposed to bounties, right? Cool yeah you managed to kill raid boss here's SOME extra gold, instead it's here's fort knox for killing the 2-0 lane opponent. AS the 2-0 lane opponent it's SO easy to die against really ANY champion that abuses the amount of true damage etc. It feels like shit, I want to be rewarded for smashing my lane, not lose to some unavoidable damage garbage, then BANG right back even if not ahead again.

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