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TheShy’s Sharing on his stream

LeagueofLegends9 - TheShy's Sharing on his stream
  1. "Korean audience all think that rookie's pronounciation is bad, even talkative? I never think of that. Usually he seems like joking with me, I never think that his korean is bad. But ofc my korean is better."
  2. Chat mentioned jkl, didn't catch it clearly. " People that leave will surely leave, people that going to come will eventually come. I don't have any thoughts on this, I won't attach on it. There's no problem on wanting to go to a better team. I don't have any thoughts on transfer of any members like this worlds, not supporting any teams nor any thoughts.
  3. Mentioning Xiao Yu " She speaks simple korean, like what, why, no, hate, etc. Despite others, she actually speaks quite good."
  4. "Why is korean audience thinks rookie's talkative. My words are 10 times more than him. I would just hang around him, asking him have he eaten, what did he ate. He only answered one line after many questions. So, it's actually me speaking nonsense to torment him"
  5. Chat asked about IG's ban pick. " People will think like I'm sacrificing on ban pick. It's because except me and rookie, if we let others sacrifice, they will directly crash in lane. So, only me to sacrifice, I can hold on if I'm sacrificing. Only me and rookie can play tank and do damage at the same time."
  6. Chat asked about will he stream after retiring. " If I retired, I won't do youtube or stream, just disappear silently, don't find me guys, I will probably do farming in rural areas, living like this hahaha"
  7. "I like playing with rookie. Probably wants to continue playing with rookie. Next year probably is the last year of rookie too. I don't know anymore"
  8. "Are rookie and her girlfriend business relationship? I want them to be in business relationship instead"
  9. Chat keeps asking that are some weird heros good for top or not " Guys, I'm not weird ppl, I actually researched champion's compability, if good then, I will pick them. My research actually shows kalista , aphelios is good against lucian, so I tried them. Syndra too, I win a lot in scrims with her, other teams' toplaners also used ther"
  10. " I actually have Huya's consent for streaming at twitch and youtube content"
  11. "Ning Challenge? I will surely be faster than Ning. If Ning try it again, he will also be faster. Only he was slower that match. But true, if u are slow on match, it will cause problem. Jungler clearing is like laners csing, basic job. So people criticsing him is right, he is not some random person but actual pro players."
  12. Chat asked about who's funnier in China's dorm. " Chinese players funnier probably, Puff and Southwind are really close, they joke around alot, me and rookie will just watch, they fight." Chat:"bad in game, at least fun in life" TheShy : " what are you guys saying ? They play fine, at least they tried hard"
  13. " Fun things this year? IG has a hard year. I don't know any fun things. Probably everyone will feel it is a hard year."
  14. "Oh, right. I watched highlight, lck lost to g2. I can't understand. I didn't watch the game, but only the comments. Everyone saying GenG is in such bad form. They lost 0-3 to G2. If we (IG) play against G2, I feel like we can win, GenG is so much better than us, they actually lost."
  15. "DWG rather than individual mechanics, they are better in team. If they are better in lane mechanics, they will top 1 team, now they are better as a team"
  16. Chat:" if dwg lane better, they would be S8 IG". "18 IG is midlaner good. Top and mid good, bot too. We can win no matter what in lane. The meta that time was like that, whoever jg was, if they picked xz or camilled etc, got crab at lv2, they straight win the game. Since the lane always win, jungle just pick champion that can contest for crab, then can win the game."

Disclaimer: I don't know korean. This is actually second translation from chinese to english whr source thread is here https://www.douban.com/group/topic/197878369/ . I saw Korean journalist also posted same content on twitter, so I think it would be true. Would do a rookie one if free.


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