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Things I have learned climbing from Gold IV to Diamond IV as support

LeagueofLegends4 - Things I have learned climbing from Gold IV to Diamond IV as support

Hello everyone! I have been around this sub for a while and have been playing league for almost 5 years now. I started to main support about 4 years ago. I have been usually high silver to low gold for the past several seasons. This year I decided that I wanted to really buckle down and grind and see where I can get to. After grinding to Diamond IV, I figured I would give some tips to fellow support mains trying to grind! This may be a bit long so thanks in advance for checking it out!

  1. Leave the salt behind.

This is probably the #1 thing I found that was keeping me from ranking up. As a support, you will often find yourself in a lane with an ADC who may not be the best at that role. This could be due to them not being as good as they should be for their rank, them getting autofilled, or them just having an off day/game. Nonetheless, I realized that no matter what is said to someone in game, you can't control what they do so there is no sense in being toxic to them for missing a spell or healing a second too late. I've found that just giving short constructive criticism is much more beneficial to team morale and often times you will even win the lane if you just give some encouragement. This may seem obvious but I wanted to at least say this as it is a big way to climb out of low ranks.

  1. Pick some champs you like and know how to play

Another seemingly obvious one is to create a small but diverse pool of champs that you can play to a high level and stick to those in ranked. I usually practice champions until I hit at least mastery 5 if not 6 in normal games before I play them in ranked. You can play them before as that is just my preference, but make sure you are comfortable on them before you take them into ranked matches. As for the diverse part, I like to have one or two champions of each support type that I can play at a given time. For example, I play Naut and Braum as tank supports, Lux and Yuumi as enchanters(I know, I'm that guy), and Brand as a damage support. This gives me enough range of supports where almost always I will have one to to options even if I am last pick. It allows you to adapt to your team much more, especially if you have a full AD team the damage AP support is a big help.

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  1. Pay attention to scuttle fights and jungle roams

This one I have noticed is much more useful than many supports in low elo seem to realize. Scuttle fights seemed to be turning points in many of my games. If my jungler would get the scuttle and a kill on the enemy jungler, it gives bot lane so much more safety not only to push past river(as you have the vision to protect yourself), but also because the enemy JG most likely blew flash in the trade, and it gives your jungler an opportunity to counter jungle their bot side. So make sure you are keeping an eye out for your jungler and if they are going towards the river for that first scuttle crab. If they are then make sure you have lane priority over the enemy bot lane and ping to your adc that you are roaming up to help the jungler secure that scuttle crab. If you don't have lane priority and you cannot push up make sure you ping your jungler that you cannot rotate up and that their bot lane may be coming.

  1. Push for level 2

Pushing for level 2 is critical to obtaining a lane advantage. If you hit level 2 before the enemy bot lane, a few things can happen. One thing is you can move up and zone the ADC off of cs, if they try to greed for them you punish them with your level advantage. Another is if they are lazy and don't realize that you are going to hit level 2 first, you can easily blow summoners or even get an early kill due to them not paying attention. In lower elo this can win you a lane just by paying attention to exp and whether or not you will hit level 2 before your lane opponent.

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Sorry if some of these things seem redundant, I just felt like this may be helpful to some people trying to climb out of lower elo and get to that next rank up. I wish you all good luck and hope to see you on the rift!

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