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Things in League that keep me up at night

LeagueofLegends9 - Things in League that keep me up at night
  1. Malzhar has a dagger strapped to his leg
  2. In Captain gangplank's skin, he peels an orange. In game, he shoves the thing in his mouth whole
  3. On the LoL website, Kled sees everyone as an enemy, including himself. His only labeled friend is Skarl. He values Skarl, the immortal lizard, more than his own life.
  4. In the wiki, its stated that mundo's favorite snacks are toenails. I don't get why.
  5. Ekko can only travel back in time if he survives his initial injury/mistake. If you jumped him, you could probably end him (but it has to be perfect).
  6. Ekko's parents are still alive, and they work stupidly hard to ensure ekko gets educated in piltover in the future. Thats the equivalent of 2 parents in a third world country working 5 jobs to ensure their child gets sent to a top tier university.
  7. Darius is canonically not a virgin.
  8. Braum punched through a mountain. Does that mean he could punch through malphite?
  9. How does lee sin detect champions who can float? Hell, how does rek sai detect champions who can float?
  10. Old pantheon was super buff, and his ult was him just using thunder thighs to jump halfway across the map. New pantheon? More or less the same (with some aspect powers, I guess).
  11. Old sion's passive was RNG for less damage, and the damage reduction wasn't even worth it. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.
  12. Shyvanna used to be a Melee AD Fighter. Ever since LoL released the "is it meta" video for preseason, she's been an AP mage.
  13. The "Dark Horse" Series only introduced AD Jarven Mid and Brand support. Since then, brand is played more as a support.
  14. Illaoi's Eye of Nagakeborous weighs at minimum 1800 pounds. She carries it with one hand. She also jumps in the air with it. What the hell.
  15. If sylas were to "absorb" brand, would brand remain? Would sylas die? Would he ascend? What specifically are the rules to sylas (aside from there being a limit to what he can take)? Would they merge?
  16. What happens if someone holds all the darkin weapons at once? Would all the darkins host the same body, or would the dude just explode?
  17. If someone like Orianna were to hold Aatrox (better known as Aatrox's blade), what would happen, since she isn't organic life?
  18. Theres a very good chance that fiddlestick's theme is sung by fiddlesticks himself, after mimicking the voices of the girl and the lady. However…. fiddlesticks only mimics those he kills…
  19. Ornn's presence melts true ice. If he were to walk up to lissandra, would lissandra die?
  20. If yasuo is wanted all over ionia, how does he refill his cask of ale?
  21. Draven would be one of the most uselsss soldiers in actual war.
  22. Bard is the caretaker for the universe. If an object is seen to threaten the universe, he snatches it and disappears. If thats the case, why doesn't bard take the world runes?
  23. Olaf was professed to die in his sleep. Olaf thought that meant he would die peacefully. What if instead of peaceful death, it was zoe who put him to sleep?
  24. Illaoi's chromas don't change the color of the bloody tenticles.
  25. Darius cut through his general in the lore, and then turned the tide of a losing war. Honestly? He probably just did that to heal some hp.
  26. Twitch, one of Leagues scariest late game hypercarries, has the most half-assed written lore that's even worse than rammus's lore.
  27. I wonder what Volibear would look like if all his fur was shaved off
  28. the skin "Statue of Karthus" implies that there was a revolutionary war somewhere in runeterra.

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