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This game requires a proper tutorial

LeagueofLegends2 - This game requires a proper tutorial

Hello. It's me

So basically my point is that this game requires a proper tutorial. I'd argue that just with pure luck you can easily get gold elo.

But to me, an advanced player, I constantly don't get what is going on.

A few examples:

  • Warding

People don't know when to ward, where to ward and why to ward. So a lot of people simply opt out of the problem by not warding at all. I have been playing around 100 games in silver elo and as a jungler I did not have a single game where I wasn't at top vision score by far.

  • Objectives

People don't rotate, don't reset, don't prepare for objectives. Junglers Use their smites up and go toplane when drake spawns, botlane wins a fight but then goes back and waits for enemy botlane to respawn, supp doesn't ward an doesn't restock on wards.

  • Summoners

Toplane TPs are sheer luck. you can have a botlane with a deepward on lane being pushed to tower but in 90% of the cases the toplane malp with tp up won't use it.

  • Fighting

People seem to lack a basic sense of when to fight. They keep trying to duel 1v4 when they're 0/9 and will avoid combat even if they're ahead and just got their spike item.

In general 90% of the players seem to be lacking any idea of what their champ does and when they're strong.

  • Discipline

Just 5 games ago I had a twitch who died lvl 1 to an engage and went afk saying the game was already lost. Not even in the pro scene an entire game is lost from 1 kill at lvl 1, yet silver ppl keep thinking that the team has to FF because they keep dying on lane pushing it.


Tutorial Idea

Basic things I think that League tutorial needs to teach people:

  • Warding: "Look, you warded the bush and saw the enemy group coming to your lane!"
  • Objectives: "Dragon is soon up, make sure you're there before the enemy!"
  • Summoners: "Now, use Ignite to reduce the enemy self healing! Now use TP to teleport to Objective X! That's an assassin ready to burst you; better use exhaust on them!"
  • Fighting: "That enemy is 30/0 and that means they have gotten 30x killgold! You shouldn't engage in a fight with them! You just finished your first item while the enemy laner only has 0.5 items. You should start a fight now!"
  • Discipline: "The enemy caught you level one but look closer! They're really bad at last hitting. You will get your lead in no time! Oh look, they're standing afk on lane writing insults in the all chat. Punish them! Remember kids: This is a MOBA, not a Flirtsim."

These tutorials could be separated into different lessons people can repeat. You should have to complete all tutorials to be allowed to play ranked and if you are bad at one of these things for an excessive amount of time you'd have to repeat these tutorials.

As a reward for beginners the tutorial could unlock certain champions such as Annie, Garen, Soraka, Lux and Warwick.

What do you guys think about it?

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